How to Reduce The Appearance of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur naturally when skin stretches during rapid growth. Although stretch marks affect both men and women, women tend to be more susceptible to them. Stretch marks are beautiful identifiers of the ever-changing and powerful woman’s body, and today in the media industry, we are (thankfully) seeing stretch marks become even more normalized. While it’s healthy to admit that stretch marks are a normal sign of growth and change, some of us may still want to minimize or disguise our marks. While there are treatments to heavily minimize the appearance of stretch marks, many times they don’t disappear completely.

What Causes Stretch Marks?


A woman’s body was made to change in order for our bodies to carry a growing tiny human in our bellies for nine months. During those nine months, a woman’s body goes through immense changes that can result in the stretching of the skin and sometimes stretch marks. Some women experience this more than others during pregnancy because everybody is unique.

Rapid Weight Gain

It happens. At one point or another, we all gain a little more weight than we like, and sometimes when we gain weight quickly, that can cause the formation of stretch marks.

Rapid Muscle Growth

Sometimes with rapid and extreme muscle growth, the skin can become stretched causing stretch marks, even if the person has a low BMI. Bulking up can be hard on your skin!

Growth Spurts

Growth spurts, during childhood and puberty, can cause stretch marks due to the mere fact that your body is changing and growing at a rapid pace.

Tips on Getting Rid of Stretch Marks:

Dry Brush Your Skin Every Night

Not only does dry brushing get rid of dead skin cells from your body, but it is also said to boost collagen production and circulation, which can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Lymph-Lite Boom Brush For Body $20 (Click Here).

Stretch Mark Cream

One of the best ways to keep stretch marks at bay is to keep your skin, especially the skin surrounding the stretch marks, moisturized. This is most effective if you’re moisturizing your skin during the period when it’s being stretched, but if you find a great healing cream, it can work just as well after the stretch marks exist. Try MUTHA BODY BUTTER $95 (Click Here). This body butter was designed by Hope Smith specifically for stretch marks. She created this product with the best and most effective ingredients.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy won’t fully get rid of stretch marks, but the treatment will make the skin smoother, which reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Your doctor will advise which laser is right for you based on the depth and color of the stretch marks.

Increase Collagen Intake

Collagen helps our skin to recover when stretched or pulled. As we get older, the amount of natural collagen in our bodies decreases, which contributes to the appearance of stretch marks. If you take collagen supplements regularly or incorporate products with collagen into your skin routine, you can help prevent future stretch marks and also help lessen the ones you might have! Try The NUECO SKIN FOOD + PREBIOTIC $55 (Click Here).

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