Jada Pinkett Shares How Constant Rumors About Family Makes Her Feel

The Smith family has been a part of Hollywood royalty for decades now. With fame like that comes a lot of baggage, constantly being the center of tabloid scrutiny. And for many people, the constant poking can be too much. Many marriages have fallen because of it. So when you see couples like Will and Jada Smith, you wonder how they weather those storms.

After all, they have not been exempt. We’ve heard they have an open marriage. We’ve also heard many times about them getting a divorce. And when rumors didn’t seem to phase them as a couple, speculation turned to the children.

So, how do they handle it?

Jada Pinkett Smith shares what has kept her family close knit regardless of the rumors that circulate.

Simply put, she says she learned to focus on the important things in her life and not let the rumors bother her.

She shared on her popular Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, “In all honesty, when I think about some of the stuff other people have to go through in their lives, like trying to figure out how to eat or pay bills, then if rumors are my burden, I’ll take it.”

The couple celebrated 20 years of marriage December 2017 and they share 3 children, Willow, 17, Jaden, 20, and Trey, 25. She admits maintaining the relationship hasn’t always been easy. In fact, they have constantly had to redefine what marriage means for them.The show premiered for it’s second season on October 22nd and Will Smith is expected to chime in on two of the episodes.

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