5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Boys 2-5 Years Old

No one wants to be a ghost every year for Halloween.

If you’re finding that your little guy is looking cliche or boring year after year, try one of these costumes out!

Some you can buy online, or if you prefer to go the DIY route, simply Google the tutorials for more information…

Captain Jack Sparrow: Don’t just dress your little guy up as any pirate. Give him personality as Jack Sparrow!

Peter Pan: Dress him as the boy who never wanted to grow up.

Laughing Emoji: This costume is totally out of the box and will give everyone who sees him a good laugh.

Rubies Teen Titans Go Cyborg Costume: This look can be pulled off year after year – well into preteen years. Simply find the costume online, or try your hand at the face painting yourself.

Mummy: With the right tutorial, this look is pretty easy to pull off. All you need are white sheets.

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