Understated Halloween Costumes for the Busy Woman

Image via Nasty Gal Halloween Skeleton Bodysuit

Let’s face it: not everyone has time to put together a show-stopping costume in time for Halloween. That’s not to say that we don’t still want to share in the Halloween spirit. With that in mind, these understated Halloween costumes are designed for subtlety without the risk of seeming un-festive.

Skeleton Bodysuit

If you’re looking for a full-body costume with minimal effort required, a skeleton bodysuit is the right choice for you. Not only is it a classic choice, but it’s also perfect if you’re looking for something with a little sex appeal, without the showiness.

You can opt to use makeup to dress this look up, or simply wear the bodysuit as-is for a costume that’s no fuss. Whichever method you select, you’ll be fully prepared for whatever Halloween plans lay ahead of you.

Mother of Dragons Shirt

Halloween is coming, and while Game of Thrones has been off the air for over a year, its characters are iconic, and therefore fair game when it comes to choosing a costume.

As the simplest of options, a “Mother of Dragons” t-shirt is an excellent, instantly recognizable choice. For an added bonus, the t-shirt can accentuate your family’s costume theme when dressing children or pets as dragons.

Animal Onesie

Perhaps you’re looking for the full body costume with an emphasis on comfort? If so, there are a large number of animal-themed onesies out there that will check every comfort box.

Whether you want to be a hedgehog, a tiger, a shark, or a kangaroo, there is a cozy choice out there perfect for you. And as an added bonus: you can move straight from trick-or-treating to the comfort of your bed!

Movie Themed Shirt

Love the Halloween season but simply ran out of time this year? Bring your love of the season to the shirt on your back, literally. There are many Halloween-themed shirts, from famous quotes to infamous slasher movie characters to general horror graphic tees. So really, pick your poison and dress it up (or down) to suit your Halloween plans.

If you live in an area with notoriously cooler weather this time of year, you can even upgrade your selection to a sweatshirt or hoodie for added warmth without compromising the visibility of your selection.

Punny Shirt

If you appreciate a good pun (and don’t mind the collective groans of those around you) a punny shirt is the perfect understated costume. Showcase your love for Cereal Killers, the fact that you’re Only Here for the Boos or even that you’re the HalloQueen with a shirt that fits your personal style. No matter your choice, Witch Please just Creep it Real!

Pumpkin Apparel

Last, but certainly not least, a tried and true option that’s perhaps the most classic of them all: the pumpkin. Because, let’s be honest, Halloween just isn’t the same without it.

Adorable as a family costume for the perfect pumpkin patch, the pumpkin costume can come in many forms, from t-shirt to full-body. So whether you’re feeling a skirt and festive shirt, a pumpkin dress, an actual store-bought (or homemade) costume, or simply a Halloween tee, there are countless opportunities to take on this classic, without choosing something that’s been completely overdone.

As Halloween creeps around the corner, so does the anxiety surrounding finding the perfect costume. Rather than piecing together a mediocre option when you’re pressed for time, simply choose an understated piece that demonstrates your appreciation for Halloween, without breaking the bank or draining too much of your precious time. It’s all about the candy, after all!

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