Beware the Temptation of High Heels

Teenage girls love high heels, but young performers should think twice about wearing them to auditions. Shoes make a significant impression, and the wrong shoes can attract attention for the wrong reasons. The selection of shoes should make your young actor feel confident and comfortable. They should complement the character the actor is portraying. They should never be distracting.

Shoes should be age appropriate.

High heels can inhibit a teenager from delivering her best audition if she isn’t able to move freely. Her audition may seem stiff and stilted if she’s teetering on high heels and cannot walk comfortably. They may deprive her of the ability to find her ground and anchor her breath. And they can blind the casting director from seeing her as a choice for multiple roles.

The wrong choice of shoes can deprive your young performer of opportunities to pursue her acting dream.


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