Here’s Why You Should Be Wearing Primer Under Your Makeup

You probably wash your face and apply moisturizer before you put on your makeup, but you may be missing an important step between the lotion and the foundation: the makeup primer. There are lots of reasons why you should be wearing it under your makeup—and that goes for every single time you’re wearing makeup.

It’s Better For Your Skin

Makeup actually isn’t great for your skin, even if it’s expensive. Even the best makeup sinks down into your pores and clogs them up over time, creating blemishes and oily deposits. Some makeup can dry out your skin, making fine lines and wrinkles more visible. A coat of primer actually protects and seals your skin against makeup. The makeup sits on top of the primer instead of on top of your skin, where it causes damage. Primer is a layer of protection for your skin, and unlike makeup it doesn’t dry out your skin or clog your pores.

It Keeps Makeup Looking Better

Human skin naturally creates oil. It also sheds dead skin cells. After a couple of hours, your makeup can start to look pretty worn out. Putting primer on before you apply your makeup gives you a much smoother, more uniform surface to work with. Oily or dry patches on skin won’t affect the final look of your makeup because the primer forms a barrier between your skin and the makeup.

Primer creates a silky surface all over your face that makes it much easier to apply makeup. Start with a primer, and you’ll start with a smoother, more perfect canvas for applying all your contouring and color shades. The primer also helps prevent oil from affecting your makeup, even after hours of wear.

It Minimizes Lines

Makeup has a way of settling into lines, especially after you’ve been wearing it for a few hours. This can leave you looking older and tired after you’ve been wearing your makeup for a while. Put primer on your skin first, and the primer will glide over lines to give them a smoother appearance. This layer of primer will help prevent makeup from literally falling into the cracks, so your skin looks younger and fresher for longer.

It Brightens Up Your Skin

Most primers are made to make your skin look more luminous. Primer is clear, so it doesn’t dull or darken your skin at all but actually helps to brighten it up a little. This gives you a glow that makes skin look dewier, and therefore younger and healthier. Even with makeup on top, primer can give your skin an illuminated look.

Are You Wearing Primer Yet?

Makeup primers, and products that can be substituted as makeup primer, are easy to find. There are many reasons why you should be applying it to your face, but all the reasons really boil down to one: it keeps your skin healthier and more beautiful. Makeup is great, but it’s the skin underneath that matters most. Keep yours looking great with primer, and you’ll notice how much better your makeup looks all the time.

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