Nine Ways to Show You Care Without Spending a Dime

Whether you’re celebrating romantic love, platonic love, or anything in between, there are many ways to show someone you love and care about them without spending a fortune. Here are some suggestions!

Make a Playlist

Gone are the days of mix tapes, but you can easily create a playlist on so many other platforms! Maybe there are a ton of songs that remind you of a special someone, or perhaps your bestie could use a rage-charged playlist right now. A playlist is also a gift that keeps on giving because you can both listen to it again and again.

Get Crafty

Do you paint? Embroider? Collage? If someone you know could use some extra encouragement or support, why not make something for them? Anything handmade comes straight from the heart. And don’t forget to include a handwritten card!

Loan a Book

We don’t mean just any book; we mean a book you’ve read that matters to you. Let your loved one know why you think it would also be meaningful to them. This also opens the door for a future book discussion over coffee.

Do Something Helpful

If you know someone who is struggling, ask what you can do to help. This will look different for everyone, but it might include running errands, house cleaning, picking up kiddos from school, dog-sitting, or whatever else would help them.

Something Sweet

Sometimes, all a person needs is a little treat, so if you enjoy baking, this is a sweet way to show you care about someone. The best part? Delivering their baked goods and spending some quality time together.

Introduce Them to Something New

If you love to hit the trails, knowing how good you feel after a few hours of sunshine and fresh air, invite someone you think could use that, too. Do you have a favorite museum? Bring them along the next time you visit! It can mean a lot to a person that you have introduced them to something that makes them happy.

Have an Honest Conversation

Sometimes, people just need to know they are loved, valued, and appreciated. We often forget that showing someone you care can be as simple as a supportive text or a quick phone call.

Bring It In

Hugs make people feel better – it’s science. So show someone you care by giving them a big hug. Always ask first; don’t make it weird.

Arrange a Bouquet

If you have a green thumb or live somewhere wildflowers grow, arrange a floral bouquet. It doesn’t have to look professionally made; it just has to come from the heart. And don’t forget, bouquets aren’t just flowers; herb bouquets also make fantastic gifts.

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