How Much Money Does It Take to Launch a Child’s Career?

Parents of children in the world of acting and modeling should recognize they will be spending money so that their child can make money. While the investment can be deeply rewarding, it pays to look at the costs before you get involved. Expenses are a tax write off for the income earner, but it can take a long time before your child starts landing paying gigs.

Startup costs will include wardrobe for auditions, head shots, training, website subscriptions and gas to get to auditions. We love, where you can virtually apply to talent gigs from anywhere, anytime. When your child has gained real experience and the jobs are coming more often, you may want to find an agent that can manage your child’s career, but keep in mind that they charge 10 percent to 20 percent commission on earnings. Eventually you may decide to take your child actor to Hollywood or New York to continue their career. Here are some of the expenses to consider when you decide whether to launch your child’s professional career.


While a good candid photo can be good enough for an initial interview, a professional headshot is essential once your child progresses in his or her career. Find a professional photographer who has experience working with children.


A résumé is your child’s introduction to casting directors. You may want to consult a professional résumé service, but that’s not really necessary when there is so much free guidance available on the Internet.  In addition to a list of acting credits, the resume will also highlight special skills such as dance, dialects, and sports, as well as acting training.

Demo Reel

A demo reel gives casting directors a sense of your child’s personality, acting ability and presence. While it’s not essential for the beginning of an acting career, it can help show the director how your child will look on film.


Self-tapes are so popular today that they are becoming the norm instead of the exception. You won’t have to make last-minute calls frantically searching for a studio if you have lights, backdrop, and camera equipment at home. Some self-tape studios will do Skype and walk you through your own at home self-tape set up.


Training is essential in the competitive acting business. A combination of weekly group classes, workshops and private coaching will give your child the foundation and skills he or she needs.

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