When You Don’t Have a Date for New Year’s Eve

You may feel like the only unattached person in the world when you don’t have a date for New Year’s Eve. But there are actually lots of people out there who are single, even during the holiday season—when it seems as though you see couples everywhere you look. Find a few ways to make this holiday feel fun, and make yourself feel a little less lonely, because you can still celebrate the New Year as a party of one.

Throw Your Own Party

If the idea of facing New Year’s Eve alone feels like too much, don’t do it. Start planning a party right now, and invite all your single, divorced or otherwise uncoupled friends. If you invite nothing but couples, you’re going to feel more alone. Don’t forget unattached relatives and your neighbors. For any party, it’s always a good idea to invite neighbors as insurance against unwanted noise complaint calls to the police. Tell everyone to bring along friends if they want, and give yourself a chance to meet some new people.

Have a Night for You

Use New Year’s Eve as an excuse to pamper yourself. Get some champagne, have a bubble bath and do that grooming task you’ve been putting off, like painting your nails or waxing your legs. Eat whatever you want for dinner, whether it’s Chinese delivery or frozen pizza or a whole box of chocolates. After all, the new year doesn’t really start until tomorrow so tonight’s the night to indulge. Spend the night alone reminding yourself why sometimes being alone is just what you want.

Find an Event

Look at local websites and social media groups to find a New Year’s Eve event. Lots of bars and hotels host special parties on New Year’s Eve, so you can probably find everything from casual to formal events to try. You won’t know anyone here so it’s no big deal if you go to the party alone, and who knows? You may end up meeting someone while you’re here.

Game the Night Away

Get a headset and your favorite computer or console game, and spend the night gaming with other live players. There are many popular games that support large live player populations. Haven’t got all the stuff to join the gamers? Get online and watch a game streaming website like Mixer or YouTube. You can interact with gamers in real time while they play, and chat with other viewers as well. Any kind of social interaction can make you feel less lonely, and the gaming community is a huge world full of other people who will be spending their New Year’s Eve solo.

Staying Single on New Year’s Eve

Being single isn’t the worst thing that can happen on New Year’s Eve. After all, you could still be stuck with that jerk who treated you badly or the creep who broke your heart or that person whose name you still won’t even say out loud. The holiday season can make you feel more alone when you’re not part of a couple, but you don’t have to be lonely. Embrace it, enjoy it and find a way to celebrate the fact that you’re single on New Year’s Eve. This can and should be a fun night, so make it one.

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