6 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter

Doesn’t it always seem like it’s someone else who is wearing a cute scarf in a really cute way that totally complements their winter outfit? Doesn’t it seem impossible to actually recreate this with your own fashion? Scarves look really simple, and they’re really not. Learn 6 ways to wear a scarf this winter, and you’ll be that person with the on-point cold weather style this year.

The French Knot

Tie your scarf in a simple French knot any time. This works with a thick or thin scarf, but you will need some length. First, fold the scarf in half and place it around your shoulders. Take one of the ends and pull it between the two scarf halves on the other side. Take the other end piece and go under and then over the same loop to form a simple, fashionable French knot.

Casual Glam

Drape your scarf evenly around the back of your neck so that the two ends hang in front of your shoulders. Take one end and place it under the other, then pull the bottom half up and over to create a simple knot and drape design that works with almost any scarf.

The Accent Knot

Drape your scarf unevenly over your shoulders, with one end hanging much lower than the other. Take the long end and wrap it around your neck multiple times, until this end is roughly the same length as the shorter end. Pull the shorter end up and over the longer end to make a simple knot with a stacked scarf look.

The Looper

Fold your scarf in half. Drape it around your shoulders, still folded, and hold onto the closed end. Take both the free ends and pull them through the loop at the closed end at the same time to make a long scarf tail. You can wear this down the middle of your body or off to the side, depending on the look you like.

The Mostly Scarf

Make your scarf the true star of your outfit. Take two corners and tie them together in a small knot to make a large loop with your scarf. Put your head through this with the small knot at the back of your neck. With longer scarves, make a second loop and put your head through. Allow the scarf to drape down in front of you. It should create a billowy look that truly makes your scarf a focal point.

The Double Knot

This scarf method is not for amateurs, but the end result looks fabulous. Fold your scarf in half. Drape it around your shoulders. Take one of the free ends, and pull this through the loop at the other end of the scarf. Twist the loop to make a second, smaller loop. Pull the other free end through this loop to create a cute double knot design.

Wear a Scarf

Add an amazing accent to everything you wear this winter with a scarf. Whether you want just a small pop or you want your scarf front and center, these simple methods make it easy for you to look more stylish. Experiment a little on your own, and you may invent a few new ways to wear a scarf yourself.

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