Gift Ideas for Every Stage of Your Romantic Relationship

The holidays are a tricky time when it comes to relationships. The right gift can assure you romance, while the wrong gift can start an awkward fight. Find the perfect gift for every stage of your romantic relationships…and hopefully, you won’t need to buy them all for the same holiday!

Casually Dating

Just started dating someone? The holidays put a lot of unnecessary pressure on fledgling relationships. You want to give the person you’re casually dating a gift, but you don’t want to make a whole big thing out of it. Something romantic and thoughtful, but inexpensive, is exactly what you need here.

Score really big points and be romantic with a tin of homemade fudge or candies. If your romantic interest isn’t big on chocolate, make peanut butter candies. This shows them an investment of time and it’s inexpensive, so it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on them to reciprocate. This is a sweet gift in more ways than one, and a perfect casual dating solution.

It’s Getting Serious

Are you falling in love? Show them where your heart is with a gift that tells them what you want for Christmas this year: more time with them. Get a bottle of wine or sparkling cider and the ingredients for a romantic meal. Give it all to them in a picnic basket that they can keep, and surprise your loved one with a romantic night in. The two of you can cook and eat together, and enjoy a whole night of each other’s company.

Wedding Bells are Ringing

If you’re a newlywed or engaged to be married, you’re probably full of lovely-dovey feelings. When Christmas rolls around and your heart is full of love, it’s tempting to do something a little bit crazy to celebrate the season. But don’t take out a bank loan to surprise your lover with skywriting just yet. There are plenty of super-romantic gifts you can give that won’t cost you your life’s savings.

Photo albums have gone the way of the dinosaurs, but scrapbooks are still beloved. You can get all the supplies and a blank scrapbook affordably, and give your lover the gift of your time this season. Create a romantic scrapbook of the two of you, and then go a step beyond to show them the life you’d like to have in the future. Write how much you cherish your time together and all of the exciting things you both could enjoy in the years to come. They’ll cherish this thoughtful, time-intensive gift more than the expensive stuff you could buy.

Holiday Gift-Giving and Romance

The holidays have a way of putting relationships to the test. You might be meeting each other’s families or spending time with in-laws you know you don’t like. You might be trying to define something that just started or figure out where the two of you are going. With everything else you have going on in your relationship, you don’t need to add gift stress to the list. Get them the perfect gift for the relationship you have, and cross this task off your holiday worry list.

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