Eco-Friendly Beauty Products to Elevate Your Daily Routine

Despite the changes to daily life this year has brought, our daily beauty routine has become, well, routine. In an effort to combat the mundane monotony of your getting-ready process, these unusual beauty products will not only elevate your everyday regime, but will also benefit, rather than harm, the environment.

Ethique Shampoo & Conditioner (click here)

With spokesperson Bindi Irwin, it’s no wonder Ethique is at the top of all environmentally-friendly beauty product lists. Inspired by nature, these eucalyptus and lavender shampoo and conditioner bars leave you smelling as amazing as you’ll feel.

The entire Ethique line is sustainable, and the shampoo and conditioner bars were specially designed by Bindi Irwin herself. The bars aim to reduce the number of plastic we’re disposing, saving the environment one bar at a time. Proceeds from the sale of each bar are donated to the Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors foundation.

Charcoal Bamboo Mama Cloth Menstrual Panty Liner (click here)

While these panty liners aren’t designed for day-to-day period use, they are perfect for light flows and spotting. Rather than wasting a pad or disposable panty liner on your lightest days, opt for one of these bamboo panty liners that are completely reusable and machine washable.

The reviews rave about the comfort and leakage-prevention of these cloth liners that feature wings and snaps to clip around your underwear for no-slip usage!

Lush Dirty Tooth Tabs (click here)

A pearly white smile doesn’t happen without effort, though we typically opt for products that offer chemical solutions. Dirty Tooth Tabs, on the other hand, are a vegan, chemical-free product designed to clean your teeth. Simply chew on a tab, brush your teeth, and watch a brilliant smile materialize before your eyes! The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, most of which was procured from the ocean.

Lush does not test on animals, so you’re using a cruelty-free product that’ll give you long-lasting, tooth-brightening results.

Routine Natural Deodorant (click here)

Nothing is sexier than embracing your natural self, which is exactly what this deodorant aims to do. Routine is a Canadian-manufactured product that comes in three formulas to suit every body type and 12 amazing scent options to suit every preference.

Routine is applied like lotion under your arms for all-day wear, so you only need to re-up on your purchase every 3-6 months. No products are tested on animals, and they don’t rely on harmful chemical ingredients.

All too often in this world, we take the environment for granted. It’s remarkable how many beauty products are harmful to us and the world around us. Rather than continuously contributing to the problem, these beauty products are great ethical beauty solutions. They will rejuvenate your everyday routine and leave you ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

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