Wine Accessories to Elevate Your Wino Status

Self-proclaimed winos have it all—from glasses to aerators to wine charms, the stash of wine accessories is never in short supply. That being said, even the biggest wine lovers can make room for more, especially when the selection is this appealing. Elevate that wino status with these essential wine accessories.


While many winos already own a decanter, there’s always room for improvement. With this decanter, you pour over a glass bubble, which aerates the wine immediately. It then filters into a glass cone for easy dispensing.

The true appeal of this selection, however, is the visual aesthetic. This decanter will draw the eye of even the most skilled sommelier. It’s impressive, effective, and, most importantly, results in the perfect glass of wine, every pour, every time.

Our Pick: Cooper’s Hawk Grapevine Decanter, $199.99 (click here)

Wine Suitcase

If you’re the type of wino that frequents wineries across the globe, you’ve likely experienced the “how do I get this wine back home” dilemma. Whether you’re driving cross-country or flying from one destination to the next, transporting wine is stressful.

With this wine suitcase, that stress is diminished. The rolling suitcase is specifically built to carry your wine bottles from one destination to the next, with a hard-shell case and high-density inserts for bottle protection. For those trips in which wine isn’t involved (rare as they may be), the inserts are removable, and the luggage functions just as well for your clothing.

Our Pick: VinGardeValise Wine Suitcase, $299 (click here)

Wine Wand

For many of us, the impending headache from a night of wine drinking takes away from our love of vino. With the Wine Wand, however, those headaches can be a thing of the past.

The Wand is a wine filter that works by the glass to purify your wine. The filter alleviates headaches, congestion, flushed skin, stomachaches, the dreaded wine hangover, and other allergies related to histamines and sulfites. These small devices don’t impact the taste of the wine itself. Instead, they remove the elements you don’t want to ensure you get full enjoyment out of your glass.

Our Pick: The Wand 10-Pack Silver & Gold, $19.99 (click here)

Wine Chiller

Chilling your wine is essential to the tasting experience, but for those who don’t have room for a wine fridge, this is the perfect accessory.

Small and compact, this wine chiller chills one bottle at a time, in just 6 minutes.

Our Pick: Cooper Rapid Beverage and Wine Chiller, $89, (click here)

Keeping Wine Cold

The basic bucket and ice aren’t going to cut it when you’re trying to create a wine-tasting aesthetic.

The Wine Chiller (surprise) keeps your wine chilled without being an eyesore. This chiller is vacuum-insulated stainless steel, which means your wine (or bubbly) can chill for hours, no ice replenishment necessary. Place the desired bottle into the insulated canister and—voila!—your wine will stay ready for serving, sans ugly silver bucket.

Our Pick: Vinglacé Wine Chiller, $89.95 (click here)

Regardless of your taste in wine, these picks will not only elevate your status as a wino but will also ensure that your next glass is absolute perfection, from the first sip to the last drop.

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