What’s Cool Now, As Told by Gen Z

If you’ve been in tune with social media recently (and if you’re a Millennial or beyond), you’ll notice that Gen Z has started to deem certain trends and activities as “uncool” or “old.” While Gen Z has been setting the trends for a while, it feels like they have shamed us poor Millennials into submission in just this past week. Whether you’ve been following the news (if you want to call it that), or if this is your first time hearing about the Gen Z takeover, here is your breakdown of the new rules and regulations that Gen Z has set forth.

Out: The Laugh/Cry Emoji

In: The Skull Emoji

Yep, it’s true; the beloved laugh/cry emoji, according to Gen Z, is a sure-fire way to determine if someone is old. As a millennial, I use this emoji daily to feel young and spry…whoops! The cool kids say you can use this emoji ironically using 3+ laugh/cry emojis in a row. Alright, noted! We don’t make the rules; we report them. And, in place of the laugh/cry, Gen Z is now using the skull emoji to convey something was so funny they are “dead.” How can one “stan” this Gen Z ruling?

Out: Side Part

In: Middle Part

We would say, for the most part, this trend has been accepted with open arms. The middle part has been reigning supreme for some time now for women from all generations. The Gen Zer’s say the side part is a glaring red flag that you went to middle school in the early years. I stan this Gen Z ruling.

Out: Skinny Jeans

In: Straight Leg Jeans

Out with the old, in with the new. According to Gen Z, skinny jeans are out. Straight-leg or wide-leg jeans are the new way to up your style game. We somewhat stan this Gen Z ruling. Straight-leg jeans are definitely worth the investment, but you might want to keep a pair of that old-fashioned skinny style for when they make a comeback.

Out: Taking Selfies from Above

In: Straight on Shots

Who hasn’t raised their arm high in the air to snap the perfect selfie? Well, Gen Z says this is no longer the best way to take your photos. Putting the camera straight on your face to capture a selfie is the way to go. Why? It’s considered an edgier, more compelling photo. Overall feeling, we don’t stan. We’ll keep working those angles, baby.

The list truly goes on and on, and in addition to certain actions no longer being cool, these phrases and words have been removed from the Gen Z dictionary:



I did a thing

If you now feel old, don’t worry, same. But not all is lost. One day, Gen Z won’t be the cool, hip generation they are now, and karma will come for them. And in the meantime, try out a middle part and toss on some straight-legged pants.

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