Stop Stress Nail Biting with Manicure Tricks

Nail-biting can help you cope with anxiety and boredom, but is it worth it? The annoying habit can relieve stress and give comfort, but it’s a pattern that ruins manicures and opens up a pathway to all kinds of icky infections. Psychologists would tell you to identify your triggers and distract yourself with fidget toys – manicurists would advise investing in a great manicure to keep your nails clean and beautiful. Who wants to ruin an adorable, pricey manicure for the fleeting satisfaction of gnawing on fingertips?

These manicure tricks can help you keep your nails unscathed.

Quell Nail-Biting with the Right Tools

Invest in a good pair of clippers, and you can replace biting with snipping whenever you discover roughness. With nothing to feel, you’ll have nothing to pick. Stash a pair of clippers and nail files near your desk or next to your bed, so they are always handy. Shop Here if you need new nail clippers ($14.88) or Shop Here for some great cuticle scissors! ($9.99).

Cuticle Oil or Moisturizer

Dry and brittle cuticles are a much more tempting nibble target than supple ones. Keeping fragile cuticles moisturized is important to protect your nails from bacteria. While it’s okay to snip away the thin, white flakes on the nail plate, you should never cut the thick skin surrounding your nails. If you need to, push back your cuticles vs cut them. There’s no need to trim that important eponychium, let alone bite it. While some reformed nail-biters swear by olive oil as a moisturizer, others prefer luxuriant oils and creams. Buy Tenoverten The Rose Oil ($26, Shop Here) or Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream Lemon Butter ($5.29, Shop Here) to get the cuticles you desire.

Press-On Nails

Acrylic faux nails are one way to protect against your biting habit, but they could do some expensive damage if you succumb to the urge to rip them off with your teeth. Removable plastic press-on nails are another solution that won’t send you to the dentist for expensive repairs if you try to rip them off with your choppers. Unlike the bygone eras’ tacky talons, today’s press-on looks real and doesn’t resemble the tacky talons they used to be. Shop Here for some great Static press-on nails ($16).


Check out a dip powder mani for a set of rock-hard nails. Please note that paying attention to every direction and detail is a must if you decide to try this trendy manicure at home. Going the DIY route will demand serious patience and time. You may hesitate to dip your toe in the trend on your own. If that’s the case, going to a salon for your first dip powder manicure will give you a look at the process and final result. If you plan to go the DIY route, Shop Here for Kiara Sky Dip Essentials dip-powder ($49.95).

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