New Nail Techniques Are Making Summer Waves

Game-changing new techniques are among nail trends making waves this summer along with new colors and designs. The color theory trend takes customized shades to new heights, while the latest formulas in nail enhancements create more durable nails that look even more natural. As salons devise new ways to guarantee a safe and healthy manicure, they’ve also got an eye on conserving the planet’s water supply. These are some of the most exciting recent developments in nail trends.

Waterless Salon Manicures

One of the biggest trends in new salon techniques is waterless nail care. This new method acts as a way to prevent the primary source of manicure infection. Leading the way is Varnish Lane salons in Washington, D.C. By eliminating water soaks, this method aims to create a safer service for clients. Plus, manicurists have found that soaking in water prevents hands and feet from absorbing other moisturizing products. They also say that soaking in water causes nails to expand and polish to chip prematurely.

Color Theory

A bright, colorful, and unique manicure? What’s not to love? The new technique, called color theory, is a multi-color, mix-and-match nail polish trend. Stylists are using color theory to create nuanced and custom shades.

While the color theory style may seem tricky, it’s easy to try it by opting for a rainbow manicure. Get the rainbow look in several easy ways. Either paint each nail a wildly different color or paint all five nails on your hand in various shades of one color family. Or you can buy a pre-packaged polish set and use every polish for one manicure. Another fun option is to use each of the past five Pantone Colors of the Year (Click Here).

There’s no need to settle on one shade, and endless ways to play with this trend. If you want to keep it subtle, try layering polishes to add dimension to shades — for example, a sheer polish on top of a metallic produces a subtle glow from within. Layering polishes adds even more dimension to shades. Try a sheer polish such as the Olive and June EC 7-Free Polish in Sheer (Click Here) on top of a metallic like OJSM glittery opaque rose gold (Click Here) to produce a subtle glow from within.

Builder in a Bottle

Orly’s GelFX Builder In A Bottle (Click Here) is a game-changer and brand new option in nail extensions. The unique formula provides a brush-on application and soak-off removal similar to a soft gel, but the durability is similar to a hard gel or acrylic.

While it resembles a regular gel polish, its hard-gel extension system is strong enough to extend past the nail’s end. Like dip powder or acrylics, the product lasts two to three weeks before it needs to be filled or removed. The formula creates longer, more durable nails that look and feel natural without the cracking or damaging breaks typically associated with hard gels and acrylics.

Poly Gel + Nail Stickers

The poly gel is a breakthrough nail enhancement. This latest nail tech invention can sculpt a full set of nails, or applied as an overlay. This trend results in nails that are amazingly light and flexible but stronger than hard gels. Try poly gels from and with the gel nail stickers in fun colors and designs that continue to grow in popularity.

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