Wear Your Eyeliner Outside the Lines

It’s called freestyle eyeliner, and you have probably already seen it on your Instagram or Twitter. At first glance, it may look a little strange, but that’s only because you have been conditioned to draw within the lines. This year, give yourself the opportunity to get more creative with your eyeliner than you ever dreamed possible. The big trend in eyeliner right now is drawing outside the lines, so forget about all those eyeshadow rules you learned in the past.

Look Somewhere Else

Women have been using eyeliner for thousands of years. Cleopatra was known to wear makeup around her eyes, and Egyptian art shows eyeliner-style makeup. But in all that time, it’s usually been trendy to apply eyeliner right at the eyelash line on the top and the bottom. You’ve been training yourself for years to stay within these lines. But now, everyone has decided to take a giant step away from thousands of years of makeup tradition.

This year, women are breaking those chains and experimenting with all kinds of outside-the-lines looks. Freestyle eyeliner is all about being artistic and creative. However, you can start with some guidelines to begin playing around with this trend.

Drawing New Lines

Experiment with the freestyle eyeliner trend by drawing lines in the crease of your eyelid; the area where the top of your eyelid dips in to form a natural pocket, an area that you probably normally emphasize with eyeshadow. Replace the shadow with a thick sweep of eyeliner instead, and see how you like the look.

You can also play with this trend by drawing big, graphic eyeliner wings. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, draw a line out to the tip of your eyebrow, then draw a second line from this point that meets the top of your eyelid to make a triangle with an open bottom side. This graphic cat-eye look is not for the timid, and it is instantly attention-getting.

Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner comes with a sharp point and a thicker point in one makeup tool, so you can draw lines of varying widths and really get creative with your different looks.

Incorporate Color

Freestyle eyeliner isn’t just different, it’s also bright. Rather than the standard black or brown, try eyeliner in vivid colors to really give your face some drama. Use bright colors to add contrast or to perfectly match a shade you’re already wearing. Nyx Vivid Brights Liner comes in several different bold color options, including cobalt blue, kelly green, pink and purple. Vivid colors brighten up your eyes and draw attention directly to this feature. After all, there are all kinds of ways to make your eyes the focal point of your face.

Drawing Outside the Lines

Makeup isn’t about staying inside the lines or following the rules. It’s about experimenting with new designs, techniques and colors. Draw outside the lines with your eyeliner, and start getting artistic and creative with every single makeup look you create. It’s time to try freestyle eyeliner, and start designing one-of-a-kind makeup looks that show off your artistry.

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