Repurpose Your Lackluster Beauty Products

You may spend hours researching skincare, haircare, and makeup only to purchase a product that does not work. Maybe a conditioner leaves your hair wanting more; potentially, a lipstick is too drying or bleeds outside your lip lines; perhaps a moisturizer just isn’t cutting it for you.

What if you opened the product and tossed out the receipt, so there is no chance of a refund? You don’t like the product but don’t want to waste it, so what can you do? Sure, you can offer it up to a friend or family member, but instead of handing off the stuff you don’t like, you can repurpose lackluster beauty products.

How? In tons of ways. Beauty products are not limited to this or that use. You may use a highlighter brush for powder or a liner brush for your brows; this is the same idea. A product you may hate may actually be great for something else. No matter what the product is, there is probably a way to repurpose it.

#1 Dull conditioner

You bought a conditioner, and it just isn’t working out. Maybe it weighs your hair down, or it isn’t quite intense enough for your dry hair. Instead of tossing it, try using it as a shaving cream.

The moisturizing qualities will help soften the skin and the hair to make shaving much easier. Because hair products can have irritating fragrance, keep it on your legs where the skin is less sensitive.

#2 Underperforming lipstick

Sadly not every lipstick is the right formula, texture, or color for you. No worries. Instead of chucking it, try it as a cream blush. Cream blush is on-trend right now, and using lipstick as a blush is a great way to prevent waste and find a great shade. The color may have been too intense for the lips, but if blended with the warmth of your fingers on the apples of cheeks, it could offer the perfect glow. And if the shade is right, you can even try it as a cream eyeshadow and do an entirely monochrome look.

#3 The wrong moisturizer

Whether the moisturizer is too heavy or not what you wanted, don’t waste it. You can use it on your neck – an area that is so often ignored. Moisturizing your neck helps keep the skin plump and helps prevent signs of aging.

If you’re worried you’ll break out there, you can use a rich cream elsewhere on your body, like your elbows or feet. Just remember you can use face cream all over the body, but don’t use a body lotion on the face. The fragrance can cause sensitivity issues.

#4 Pore-clogging oil.

Tried a new oil, and your skin didn’t react well? That’s fine; use it on your hair. Use a drop of oil to soften and hydrate split ends or rub it in your hands and then flatten flyaways or frizz.

#5 Bad foundation shade

If you’re anything like us, our tans come and go. What do you do with the foundation colors that are too light or dark for your skin? Instead of throwing them out, use them as a contour or highlight.

Suppose the shade is too dark; use it to shape your nose, jawline, and hollows of your cheeks. This will give you a seamless and blended contour. If the shade is too light, use it to brighten under your eyes, the center of your face, or the tops of your cheekbones. You can even use it as an eye primer to help your eye shadows cling to your skin and last longer.


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