A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Skincare Routine

The skincare industry is booming, and along with that boom comes more information, better products, and a little confusion. Skincare is rapidly becoming a huge part of everyone’s lives. If you are looking to start a routine, it can feel extremely overwhelming. The internet is filled with 10-step Korean skincare routines and wacky tools that no one knows how to use. How do you even decipher where to begin?

The truth is, you don’t need that many different products to achieve great skin. Creating a routine with only a few essential products will ensure that you develop new habits to stay consistent with your skincare. The point is to fall in love with the process and enjoy taking care of yourself.

Assess Your Skin Type

The number one step in starting your skin-care routine is to figure out your skin type. You are either dry, oily, sensitive, combination or normal. Take an online quiz, read an article, or contact a dermatologist. This is key to picking out the correct products that will work best for you.

Problem Areas

What are your main concerns when it comes to your skin? Do you need to combat aging, get rid of acne, hydrate dry patches, or improve skin texture? Once you pick your main concern to target, you can add extra steps one by one in your routine so you don’t overwhelm yourself or your skin.

Essential Products

No matter what your skin type, skin tone, or concern is, there are core products everyone needs to incorporate into their routines. These are also great products to start with for anyone looking to create a skincare routine from scratch.

Day-Time Routine


A facial cleanser is a necessity. How else would you get rid of any dirt or impurities? Cleansing is just as significant as showering and washing your body. When you cleanse, you remove traces of dirt, pollution, and excess oil from the skin. Fresh, clean, and damp skin is perfect for layering other products like moisturizers.


Again, no matter your skin type, use moisturizer. It’s a big misconception that people with oily skin don’t need to moisturize, but it’s a must for everyone. This will lead your skin to produce even more unwanted oil. When you keep your skin hydrated, it will feel healthy, fresh and even prevent additional skin concerns.


The most important step for a basic, no-fuss skincare routine is SPF. Wearing SPF is life-changing. You can combat aging by protecting your skin from years of sun damage. Who wouldn’t want to wear SPF every day? Whether you live in a cloudy, rainy city or just watching tv at home, the sun’s rays can penetrate through clouds and windows. Better to be safe than sorry!

Optional: Antioxidant Serum

Apply after cleansing and before moisturizer and SPF. You can opt for something simple like a Vitamin C Serum or a Resveratrol Serum. Antioxidant serums can be beneficial to prevent signs of aging.

Night-Time Routine

Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is a significant step at night. This makes sure that you’ve correctly removed all layers of sunscreen, dirt, etc., from the skin. Now you might be thinking, do I need to buy a different cleanser for this? The answer is no! Some cleansers can be used dry for your first cleanse, followed by a normal cleanse.


You guessed it. Moisturize! Keep the skin hydrated and healthy. There are various moisturizers on the market that you can use day and night if you don’t want to buy separate ones.

Optional: Face Oil or Retinol

Using face oil can be great for massaging the skin and draining the lymphatic system. They also work to seal in the hydration from your moisturizer. If you want to turn back time, using Retinol is all you need at night. Keeping a night routine simple will help your skin adjust to retinol. Also, you don’t have to stress if other active ingredients will irritate you.

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