Why Getting Rid of Makeup Wipes Changed My Life For the Better

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve only recently discovered the negative impacts of using makeup wipes. Makeup wipes have always been there for us when we come home from a night out or just feeling extra lazy one day. Who knew there are some heavy drawbacks when using makeup wipes?

We receive new information from the skincare industry every single day. This includes the news of why makeup wipes can be irritating for our skin and harmful to the environment. Changing old habits can be hard, but luckily you can easily create new ones. Thankfully, various products on the market can easily replace makeup wipes.

Makeup Wipes and Your Skin

Makeup wipes have always been irritating. Whenever you use wipes to remove makeup, you can feel a tingling feeling. I considered this uncomfortableness normal; however, I was wrong. All that rubbing and tugging can pull at your skin, and therefore damaging and aging it. Nobody wants saggy eyes and wrinkles, so if getting rid of makeup wipes can help prevent unnecessary damage, then it’s time to let them go.

Using makeup wipes as your only source of cleansing is a big mistake your skin will hate. Yes, they can break down the makeup, but they can’t fully clean the skin. All the irritating ingredients found in wipes can lead to even more breakouts and textured skin.

Double cleansing is a sure-fire way to make sure all the makeup, sunscreen, or dirt is gone. Products like cleansing balms or cleansing oils can do this without all the pulling. The Makeup Eraser, a towel made to remove makeup with just water, has expressed how important it is to leave the wipes behind.

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The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm ($9.99, shop here)

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Makeup Wipes and The Environment

Makeup wipes hurt the environment. According to the FDA, “makeup wipes are made of polyester, polypropylene, cotton, or rayon fibers.” This explains why a majority of makeup wipes are not biodegradable. While most wipes claim to be biodegradable, they don’t break down.

You may have also noticed that makeup wipes can come individually packaged and can be packaged in bulk. The packaging of these wipes can also contribute to unnecessary waste.

Some alternatives to makeup wipes can be micellar waters, cleansing balms, or reusable cotton rounds.

Products To Try:

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water ($8.99, shop here)

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  1. Totally enjoyed article about makeup removing wipes,I had no idea that these weren’t good for your skin and the fact that there is a wash cloth out there that you just wet and it removes makeup and cleanses the skin is a new one to me , thanks so much

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