How to Determine Your Home Décor Style

There is little that is more stressful (or costly) than decorating a home, especially if you are a first-time homeowner or renter. So, to help ease some of your stress, here are a few tips for determining your home décor style!

Translate Your Wardrobe into Your Décor

Many people believe fashion and décor are separate entities, and in a lot of ways, they are. However, by the same token, they are actually very similar. For instance, what color palette are you typically drawn to when purchasing clothes? Do you opt for vibrant pieces or muted pastels?

The feelings you get when thinking about certain items of clothing are often translated into the feelings you get when thinking about furniture, paint colors, wall hangings, etc.

So, take a look at your closet and see what it has to offer. It will be easy to discern whether it has a large, random assortment of options or an evident pattern. Once you have determined any patterns or lack thereof in your closet, you will have a solid starting point when it comes to determining your personal taste.

Read Home Décor Magazines

Whether you subscribe to email newsletters, physical magazines, home décor Pinterest boards, or simply brush up on your favorite mag’s online presence on a daily basis, frequently visiting this type of content helps to instill a pattern of likes versus dislikes.

As you read, note any photographs that leave you feeling envious and those that you can quickly turn away from without much thought. Determine what is within those photographs that you like versus what you don’t.

Before selecting your décor style, you need to delve into the world of décor and see what it has to offer and what sticks out to you the most. From here, a definite pattern will emerge.

Pay Attention to What You Like

Again, as with familiarizing yourself with the world of home décor, when you visit the store, a friend’s house, or see a room as the backdrop to a TV show, you’ll note how décor can act as background noise.

It’s time to bring that noise to the forefront of your attention. Pay attention to which elements you like and which you don’t, as well as your reasoning. Is something too brightly painted? Is there a piece of furniture that’s too modern for your taste? Is the color scheme simply not on par with your closet aesthetic?

Whatever the reason, take notes so that you can begin to piece together your décor style and ensure you don’t mistakenly fall into a décor trap that could’ve easily been avoided.

Take a Quiz

Last but not least, you’re ready to take a home décor style quiz. You don’t want to begin with this step, as you haven’t solidified your likes and dislikes until you’ve ventured through all of the above steps. Before taking a quiz, you have to be confident in your answers. (take one here)

So, once you have a good feeling about what you think you like, take a home décor style quiz (and be honest) to determine whether you prefer a modern farmhouse aesthetic or a contemporary one.

While these are great tips to rely on when determining your home décor style, don’t discount your personal feelings towards furniture pieces, paint colors, and other décor styles. It’s ultimately your home, so you should be looking to furnish it with a style that makes you happy.

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