More Spring ’21 Trends We’re Excited About

While it has only been a few weeks since 2021 started, the winter blues have already overcome many people, including myself. It is hard not to think of warmer days full of sunshine, flowers, and of course, spring fashion.

It’s probably safe to assume that a majority of people have found themselves wearing a lot more loungewear than usual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relish the upcoming trends of the season. So whether you’ll still be logging into work via Zoom come spring or returning to a more normal routine, here are a few more of the upcoming spring trends that we trust you’ll be just as excited about no matter what your daily life will look like.

Oversized denim. Oversized denim was bound to become the next big thing with the recent ’80s and 90’s fashion revivals. It’s time to say goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to a wider, more relaxed silhouette. The beauty of oversized denim is that it’s not only comfortable and trendy, but it’s also super easy to style. Pair your favorite oversized jeans with a crop top, oversized cardigan, and Doc Martens for the perfect 90’s tribute, or rock your oversized denim with your favorite bold blouse and pointed-toe mules for a more put-together look. Shop here.

Statement collars. Who doesn’t love a statement piece? A statement collar is a perfect way to elevate your entire look without putting much thought into your outfit; throw on a top with a fancy neckline, and out the door you go, (or simply to the next room since we’re all about that quarantine life). You can pair a statement collar top with just about anything: mini skirts, patterned crop pants, your favorite denim, or even under a jumper! Shop here.

Sheer details. Figuring out how to incorporate sheer details into your outfits this spring is going to be fun. You may shy away the moment you hear the word “sheer,” but if you give it a chance, you’ll love it. There are a ton of ways you can still look classy and polished while rocking the edgy sheer trend; it’s all in the way you wear it. For instance, start with your favorite fitted crop top; next, throw on a sheer blouse, then top it off with a jacket – denim, leather, or whatever your style is. Pair these top layers with a basic black crop trouser and pointed-toe flats and you’re ready, (or scrap the trousers and throw on pajama bottoms for that classic Covid ‘business on top’ ensemble for your next Zoom meeting)! Shop here.

Dressed up loungewear. For those who have spent a majority of time at home during the pandemic, this is probably more our language. Be on the lookout for one of spring’s most comfy trends: fancy loungewear. Satin joggers and/or patterned joggers are on the rise. All the comfy coziness of your favorite loungewear, but with the look of super trendy bottoms. Turn fancy loungewear into statement pieces by pairing them with basic neutral t-shirts, tank tops, and/or crop tops. Shop here.

Bold cut-outs. Much like the sheer details, bold cut-outs can be a part of any outfit if you wear them well. For instance, if you want to do a bold cut out, opt for a shoulder cut out dress that you can throw a jacket on with if you get cold; but if you want big and bold, opt for a top or dress with entire side cutouts to show off a little more skin. Whether you want to show off a little or show off a lot, bold cut-outs are a trend anyone can get excited about. Shop here.

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