4 Perfect Galentine’s Day Cocktails

It’s almost time for that annual gal pal gathering (either in person or zoom), on the one and only Galentine’s Day. And while love may be in the air already, impressing your favorite ladies feels more important this year than it has in the past. So, as we bid adieu to dry January, let’s kick off February with cocktails fit for your Galentine’s Day.


A Sex and the City revival in the works and Galentine’s Day just around the corner? This combination is exactly the type of celebration our favorite Vodka Cranberry drink has been waiting for.

To make one of these classic beverages, you’ll need two shots of vodka, one shot of cranberry juice, a dash of cointreau and one ounce of lime juice. Combine the ingredients, use a shaker to blend, and pour out the beautiful, pink masterpiece. Note that cosmos can be manipulated to fit your tastes, so feel free to play with the alcohol content as well as the fruity additions.

Pink Champagne Margarita 

Looking to class up your celebration, but not too much? This champagne and tequila twosome is the perfect ratio that will help you gals stay classy and get your party started.

To make a batch of three of this innovative drink, you’ll use one cup of champagne, two cups of lemonade, a half cup of tequila, and a half cup of triple sec. Also, you’ll need lime slices and the juice of about three limes. Shake all ingredients together and pour into your sugar-rimmed glass for serving.

Rose Sangria

If you’re prepared to rosè all day, this rosè sangria will pack that punch of sweetness while also offering a classy and sophisticated vibe to your Galentine’s Day gathering.

Like all Sangria recipes, fresh fruit is a must, so you’ll want to have orange slices and raspberries on hand, though you can always select any fruit you prefer. To make this drink, pour a bottle of rosè into a glass pitcher, followed by two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of your favorite liquor (vodka is commonly utilized here), a quarter cup of triple sec, a quarter cup of sugar, and a cup of sparkling water. You’ll also add your selected fruit to the pitcher, and voilà!

Strawberry Punch

This Strawberry punch offers enough servings to cover you for the day without compromising the amazing aesthetic or taste of the drink itself.

For this recipe, you’ll need a large punch bowl that you can use for easy serving as well. In terms of fruit, you’ll want fresh lemon and strawberry slices, but only for garnish. For the drink itself, you’ll need whole frozen strawberries.

Mix into the punch bowl – two liters of lemonade, two liters of Sprite (or diet Sprite), and one cup of Vodka (you can increase or decrease this to taste). It’s best to serve this drink cold, so after mixing the ingredients (and before adding the frozen strawberries), refrigerate the punch until it’s cold. Then, add the lemon and strawberry slices as garnish on the top when ready to serve. Pour a glass, and add a few frozen strawberries to keep the punch cold without watering it down.

There are countless cocktail recipes out there that will certainly impress your favorite Galentines, but these pink ladies are as beautiful as they are tasty, and, like most strong women, they pack a mean punch. So regardless of this year’s celebration plans, these cocktails will certainly leave your friends wanting to be your Galentine.

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