A Modcloth Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s safe to say that it is yet another holiday that will probably look different this year. Although these peculiar circumstances seem like an unideal way to celebrate V-day, you have the opportunity to make this day of love the best one yet with creative date night plans and, more importantly, kick-ass gifts for your significant other, bestie, or yourself. (Especially yourself! Come on. You know you deserve it.)

No one does holiday collections quite like Modcloth, and their Valentine’s Day exclusive is no different. The Sweetheart Shop is sure to make you swoon. So without further ado, take a look at this Valentine’s Day gift guide, Modcloth edition.

After Dinner Amusements: Love Trivia, $12.

This game is the perfect gift for the trivia-fanatic in your life. Cozy up after dinner, put on a record, pull out your favorite cabernet, and quiz each other in the areas of literature, science, history, and pop culture. And don’t worry, all of the questions are romance-themed. This game is sure to turn your average trivia night into a romantic affair. (get it here)

“Bee” Mine Hooked Throw Pillow, $30.

This adorable throw pillow has been hand-hooked with 100% New Zealand wool and sweetly reads “bee mine.” Who doesn’t have someone in their lives with a throw pillow obsession? This adorable grey throw is sure to sweeten up any room. (get it here)

A Moment at the Met earrings, $22.

From the shape to the colors to the pattern, these statement earrings would make the perfect gift for the ultimate fashionista in your life, whether that be your girlfriend, best friend, and of course, yourself. (get it here)

The Broad City coloring book, $16.

Four and three and two and ONE. This Broad City coloring book is THE gift for your best gal pal. Illustrated by Mike Perry, who brought us the infamous kaleidoscopic title sequence, this book delves into the mind of all your favorite characters. This coloring book would pair oh so nicely with your bestie, a charcuterie board, a bottle of wine, and a Broad City binge. (get it here) 

Mythical and Magical Charm Necklace, $19.

This necklace is an eclectic collection of charms, pendants, moons, and stars that come together to form a design that appears to be right out of a mythical storybook. If you’re gifting this to a friend, some recommend pairing it with a book by their favorite fantasy author or an out-of-this-world magical mug. (get it here)

Isn’t She Chic? Wool Beret, $22.

This red beret is the perfect gift for the style-savvy person in your life. And if that person happens to be you, pair it with a chunky sweater or turtleneck, plaid mini skirt, and your favorite blazer. Gift this to someone you love, and you’ll have them saying “merci beaucoup!” (get it here)

I Do Declare pin, $15.

“I do declare” that this is a perfect gift to pin on the lapel of any jacket! Reading “TAKE NO SH*T,” this pin is sure to remind anyone to deflect any crap coming their way. Who wouldn’t love this charming pink heart accessory? (get it here)

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