Halloween-Themed Party Ideas

Spooky season is upon us, and it’s time to start planning your Halloween get-together! We know many hardcore Halloween enthusiasts have already been planning their bashes for months, but if you still need ideas, we have put together a list of creative Halloween party themes below!

Haunted Mansion Party

If you are a fan of Disney parks, you are likely a fan of the Haunted Mansion, so why not throw a Halloween party themed around the ride? Begin with decorations such as this Animatronic Madame Leota Crystal Ball ($60, shop here) and these amazing renditions of the Stretching Portraits ($125, shop here). Add candelabras, ghost-shaped cookies, and smoky cocktails with dry ice, and you’re all set!

Beetlejuice Bash

One of our favorite Halloween movies is Beetlejuice, so, of course, we’re including this theme on our list! Decorate with black-and-white stripes; balloons and other accent pieces in green, purple, white, and black; a Light-Up LED Hanging Marquee Beetlejuice Sign ($49.99, shop here); and maybe even a portrait of Beetlejuice himself. Then, get crafty with themed snacks, drinks, and decorations to give the event a mesmerizing feel.

Stranger Things Soiree

Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a Stranger Things-themed party! Create the atmosphere of the Upside Down by lighting the room with a moody red light. You can try this One Fire Star Light Projector ($35.99, shop here), LED Curtain Lights ($12.98, shop here), or a Light Globe ($29.99, shop here). Provide retro candy, play ’80s music, and ask your guests to dress up like characters from the show so that everyone is immersed in the theme. And don’t forget the Letter Decals (starting at $40, shop here) that are an iconic part of season 1.

Halloween Murder Mystery

A fun, interactive way to celebrate Halloween is by having an enthralling murder mystery-themed party. Typically, murder mysteries require a minimum of eight people, but some support up to 40 people! You can have mixed drinks named after characters in the game or make it a dinner party with pre-made food platters.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Boys and girls of every age…Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? While The Nightmare Before Christmas is more of a Christmas film, we think it makes a fantastic theme for a Halloween gathering. This theme requires you to have Jack Skellington ($44.50, shop here) present. You can make your own decorations (check out this great DIY for Oogie Boogie treat bags).

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