Quick Guide: What Is Skinimalism?

Extensive skincare and makeup routines have been glorified in the past, leading us to spend money on dozens of products we were convinced we needed. Yet, as time passed, many of us found that using all those products wasn’t that effective! This is where the concept of “skinimalism” comes in. In this article, you’ll learn exactly what skinimalism is and how you can use it to achieve a simple yet effective skincare routine.

What Is “Skinimalism”?

“Skinimalism” is the idea of achieving clean, glowy skin via a simple “less is more” approach that uses just a few essential products. It also includes wearing less makeup on a daily basis, which can irritate your skin. Although dermatologists have discussed the idea of applying minimal yet effective skincare products for years, it’s interesting to see skinimalism only recently gaining mainstream attraction.

Many experts believe the pandemic is one of the primary reasons for the skinimalist beauty trend. In the years leading up to the pandemic, beauty routines included layering lots of products to achieve flawless skin. However, as the pandemic forced people to stay home, it showed that they could use fewer products and still have radiant complexions.

How to Achieve Skinimalism

Skinimalism is all about using highly effective products to achieve flawless skin. For instance, you should always include a facial cleanser and sunscreen as part of your basic skincare routine. This reduces your risk of breakouts while protecting your skin from signs of premature aging.

From there, implement one product at a time to resolve skin issues you’re struggling with. For example, if you have lots of annoying pimples, incorporate a spot treatment into your routine. Or, if your skin is losing its elasticity, consider adding retinol. By treating each skin issue one at a time, you aren’t tempted to pile on 10 different products that may not be effective.

Have you tried the skinimalism approach? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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