Four Blush Placements to Try This Summer

We’re sure you can remember when makeup was all matte skin and bronzer! But these days, the makeup world is telling us to go in the opposite direction by embracing our skin’s natural glow. Here are four blush placements that will best help you achieve that look!

Classic Apple

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We became so used to blending blush against our contour that we forgot the most basic blush-applying technique: dabbing it onto the apples of our cheeks. To achieve this look with a cream blush, smile, then use a brush or your finger to press the color into the centers of your cheeks (the parts that look roundest) and blend it out. For powders, follow the same method, but diffuse the blush by blending up toward your temples.

Summertime Flush

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A blush placement that’s gaining serious traction on social media is the “flushed blush” look, made to replicate the natural blood rush your face experiences when it’s warm outside. Though some people don’t like how “undone” this looks, we think it’s a gorgeous way to emphasize your natural features. This look best works with a cream blush, as it melts into the skin for a more subtle finish. Simply use your finger to tap the blush into your cheek in an upside-down triangle shape. Use a light hand, or build up the color for a more dramatic look. You can then set it with a translucent powder for extra lasting power.

Blushy Under-Eyes

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The under-eye blush look is perfect for those wanting an air of youthful innocence. It’s perfectly suited for “cute” makeup looks: the soft, meticulously blended beats heavily inspired by K-beauty culture. For a tried-and-true flush, apply a cream or powder blush to your under-eyes using a large, fluffy brush (after your foundation and concealer base). Since the blush is sitting on top of your skin, the pigment will be richer.

If you’re looking for a more diffused, under-the-skin finish, you can mix the pigment with your concealer by alternating cream blush dots under your eye with your favorite brightening under-eye concealer. Then, simply blend with a damp beauty sponge. This look works best for round faces, but there are ways to tweak the application process for every face shape.

Feeling Nosy

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If you haven’t already started adding a touch of blush along your nose, consider this your sign to start! This little detail can elevate any makeup look by making it appear more natural. You can apply blush across the bridge of your nose for an anime-inspired flush or on the tip to emphasize any highlight applied there afterward! This look can work with both cream and powder blushes. Because blush sits a little bit heavier on the skin than other products, keep your base makeup to a minimum to avoid a cakey finish. Make sure you blend to keep your blush looking as close to natural as possible.

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