The Best Colorful Liquid Liners for Bright Summer Looks

Everyday makeup styles are changing. Gone is the era of the nude palettes and smoky eyes; today’s eye makeup trends are all about color. And to achieve these bold looks, you’ll need some colorful liquid eyeliner. Here are a few of our favorites!

Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner ($32, shop here)

Available in matte, satin, and pearlescent varieties, Dior’s waterproof liquid eyeliner features an ultra-flexible felt tip that allows you to draw precise lines with varying thicknesses. Our favorite shades include Satin Indigo, Pearly Emerald, Pearly Rose, and Matte Green.

Uzu by FlowFushi Eye Opening Liquid Eyeliner ($24.38, shop here)

This liquid liner was designed to help eyes appear more open, making it a perfect choice for anyone with smaller eyes. The formula is resistant to sweat, humidity, tears, and sebum, so your look remains perfect all day long. The coolest thing about this option is its applicator: Each tube comes with a Yamato Takumi brush, which was inspired by traditional Japanese brush-making techniques and contains about 28% more bristles of varying quality and coarseness.

Colourpop BFF Liquid Liner ($9, shop here)

Colourpop’s first-ever precision eyeliner pen delivers brightly pigmented color with a flexible felt tip that doesn’t skip or tug. It’s also wear-resistant to enable long-term wear. The shade shown is Sky High, but you can also get it in Honey Girl or Chili.

Glamnetic Soo Vivid! Magnetic Eyeliner Pen ($43, shop here)

This eyeliner one is for those who just can’t live without fake lashes but hate putting them on! Magnetic liners can be a saving grace for perfecting a glamorous makeup look – and, now, those liners are available in more than just black: This Glamnetic eyeliner pen comes in emerald, pink ruby, purple jade, and sapphire, each offering plenty of pigmentation paired with a firm hold. The small, precise brush makes application a breeze – and the waterproof formula will ensure your liner and lashes stay put.

NYX Epic Wear Metallic Liquid Liner ($10, shop here)

Bright color always makes for a beautiful eye makeup look, but sometimes color alone just doesn’t cut it, which is why you should add a little shimmer to your collection. This metallic liner will catch eyes while it adorns yours. It resists cracking, bleeding, and fading for up to 36 hours and comes with a flexible brush applicator for extreme precision.

Have you tried any of these colorful eyeliners? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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