6 Tasty (But Healthy) Halloween Treats

While Halloween is most commonly associated with a mountain of candy treats, the most fang-tastic foods don’t necessarily have to fall in the sugary sweet group of the food pyramid. In fact, some of the most creative and tasty snacks are just as healthy as they are boo-tiful! We’ve rounded up six of our favorite non-sugary treats—no tricks here!

Orange Pumpkins & Ghost Bananas

Another fruit-filled snack option, orange pumpkins and ghost bananas are simple, adorable, and, most importantly, so very good for you!

The shopping list for these cute treats is short: you’ll only need an orange-type fruit of your choice (though cuties or clementines are recommended), bananas, celery, and some melted, semi-sweet chocolate.

To create the adorable orange pumpkins, simply peel each of the clementines/cuties carefully to leave the round shape fully intact. Then, chop the celery stalks into small pieces and stick one in the center of every orange, so that it looks like a pumpkin stem. Too easy!

For the ghost bananas, peel and cut each banana into halves, placing the flat ends on the serving tray. With your melted chocolate, draw eyes and a mouth near the top of the banana to create the ghost face. Just like that, you’ve dressed up your fruit so that it’s ready for Halloween festivities!

Healthy Candy Corn

Deemed traditional by all (though only actually enjoyed by a select few), candy corn is a Halloween staple, whether you like it or not. That being said, putting a healthy twist on the sweet snack might just change the public’s opinion.

Healthy candy corn still maintains the sweetness of its traditional counterpart, though in a much more fruity sense. To create this fun eat, you’ll need a stemless wine glass, pineapple chunks, tangerine slices, and whipped cream. Simply fill the base of the glass with pineapple, layer the tangerine slices atop the chunks, and top with a layer of whipped cream to tie it all together! It’s healthy, delicious, and will have you reaching for seconds, guilt-free!

Witches’ Brooms

Witch do you prefer: salty or sweet? If you answered salty, then you’ll love this next selection! Witches’ brooms are a pretzel and cheese pairing that taste as fantastic as they look, and all you need are pretzel sticks and string cheese.

To build the perfect broom, cut your string cheese horizontally into small chunks. Next, you’ll peel the bottom pieces of cheese into strings (without detaching them!) to create a broom-like texture. Push the pretzel stick into the top (non-stringy) end of the cheese, and voila! If you’d like to add an additional aesthetic touch, tie twine (or a chive, to keep it 100% edible) in a bow around the top of the cheese!

Deviled Pumpkins

Deviled eggs are a party fave, but deviled pumpkins add a fun twist to already devilish hors d’oeuvres.

Follow your traditional deviled egg recipe, but keep in mind you will be covering the top of every filled center with paprika to give the rounded out sections a pumpkin-like presentation (so you don’t want to go too heavy with the spices in your yolk mix). To finish off your masterpiece, place a rosemary leaf at the top of your yolk center for your pumpkin stem. So cute!

Eyeball Caprese Salad

Another super simple recipe that will leave your guests impressed, eyeball caprese salad is a deliciously disgusting take on another fan favorite. This one’s great for the grown-ups at a spooky soirée.

To make this delectable snack, lay large basil leaves across your serving tray to form the sclera. In the center of each leaf, place a round, flattened piece of mozzarella cheese to form the iris. Finally, place a cherry tomato in the center of every piece of cheese to form the pupil. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also drizzle your masterpieces with a balsamic reduction. Who needs a candy bar when you’ve got eye candy like this?!

Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers

Perhaps your snacking habits tend towards more filling options. Not to worry! There’s still a healthy and hearty Halloween snack in your future! Stuffed pumpkin peppers combine your favorite stuffed pepper recipe with a jack-o-lantern worthy carving your guests will absolutely adore.

To make this simple snack, carve out a traditional pumpkin grin, eyes, and a nose from your hollowed out orange bell pepper and then fill with your favorite filling recipe. Trick-or-treating is exhausting work, so fuel your little ones (and those keeping track of them) with these cute and festive stuffed peppers.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore with a little spark of creativity and Halloween spirit! These fan favorites will ensure a sugar crash is nowhere near your future and, meanwhile, even the biggest junk food fanatics will be goblin up your festive eats!

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