Closet Organization Tips FTW

There’s no time like the present to get your closet under control. If you’re anything like us, spring-cleaning your closet can turn into a whole ordeal, so we put together a few organization tips to keep in mind as you start the process.

  1. Out with the Old

First things first: many old things must go. Begin by going through your clothes, shoes, and accessories and separating them into three piles: ‘keep,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘toss.’ (Consider donating all the things you don’t want to a local thrift shop, or make a few extra bucks by listing your items on Poshmark!) As you’re going through each piece in your closet, ask yourself, “would I buy this today?” If you would, keep it; if not, donate it, sell it, or toss it!

  1. Start a Capsule Wardrobe

As you’re continuing to go through the pieces you want to keep, you might want to try out a capsule wardrobe. This odd-sounding way to store your clothes is really just a cool way of describing a limited collection of your favorite pieces that you absolutely love. All you have to do is hold onto a limited selection of pieces that are both classic and easy to mix and match with other pieces.

Your new capsule wardrobe will typically consist of basic tops, good denim, a couple of outerwear options, dresses, and shoes that will go with just about everything. This trendy wardrobe has hit social media like a storm, and, while it might not be for everybody, it can be totally life-changing for anyone looking for that minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Get Organized with Storage Containers

You’ve given away your old clothes and have decided on your wardrobe must-haves. Now it’s time to get organized! As you begin to organize, investing in storage containers is a great way to simplify this process. Storage doesn’t have to be an ugly cardboard box; it can be cute and functional, depending on the storage containers you use. It’s also a great way to keep similar pieces together. Just be sure to label your containers to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when it’s time to take out that seasonal piece.

  1. Don’t Fold on Folding

While it might seem a little tedious, it’s time to get your poker face on and fold all of your clothes. As you’re folding, make sure to fold them nice and neat. This will make your closet look so much more organized. Not to mention, folding away clothes that don’t actually need to be hung up can help give your shelves a little more room for pieces that do require hangers, saving you some space for that stylish wardrobe.

  1. Organize by Season

Warmer weather calls for a major shift in your wardrobe. Make it easy to find your breezy, flowy clothes by organizing your clothing by the seasons. The easiest way to do this is to have lighter pieces easily accessible, with those heavy fall and winter pieces tucked away or even stored in totes until the weather changes.

  1. Make it Cute

Cute baskets or boxes can help you keep smaller pieces out of the way and organized so that you don’t lose them in the depths of your closet. Consider putting your socks, underwear, bras, and even swimsuits in some type of storage container that’s easily accessible to utilize your space a little better.

  1. Think Outside of the Box

If you’re a little low on closet space and can’t find room for storing your clothes in containers, then it’s time to think outside of the box! Utilize any wall space you may have to install hooks or baskets that can store smaller pieces or items you wear often and need to grab in a hurry.

  1. Prioritize Your Everyday Clothes and Accessories

The things you wear every day should be easily accessible, while extras, like seasonal items, can be put away for later days. This will make your mornings run a little smoother, and your space will stay tidier if you aren’t having to dig for things you need every morning.

  1. Say Goodbye to Duplicates

If you find that you have multiples of certain pieces, consider keeping only the pieces that go with your color palette and ones that you actually wear. It can be tempting to buy one of every color in a shirt that has that perfect fit, but for a lot of people it’s much more beneficial to just buy a couple of shirts in colors that you actually wear.

For instance, if you like your color palette to stay pretty neutral, buying t-shirts in neon colors probably means you won’t be wearing that shirt. Not only are you wasting money on things you probably won’t wear, but you’re using up space in your closet that could be better utilized for other pieces.

  1. Keep Laundry Hampers On Hand

If you’re anything like us, then you know the struggle is real when it comes to keeping laundry tidy. One closet organization tip that will be sure to put a hamper on your piles of loose clothing is a hamper! You can easily put a hamper in your closet (if one will fit, of course!) and this will help you stay on top of laundry and keep it all in one place.

Say goodbye to picking up pieces off the floor and giving them the smell test to decide if they can be worn or need to be thrown in the washer. A cute laundry hamper will be sure to make your morning routine that much smoother. You’ll thank us later!

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