Get the Look: Parisian Street Style

Today, we’re talking Parisian street style.

You may be wondering, what even is Parisian street style? Don’t worry; you’re going to be a Parisian street style connoisseur by the time you’ve finished reading this one.

Parisian street style consists of a few key variables. (We aren’t calling these ‘rules’ because we’re firm believers that fashion ‘rules’ shouldn’t exist.) However, let’s go ahead and look at these so-called variables:

Did Somebody Say Neutrals?

Parisian style involves donning a ton of neutrals, such as black, brown, navy, and white, as opposed to bold colors.

Walk in Style

When it comes to shoes, they should make a statement, but be practical as well.

Tailored Menswear

Don’t be afraid of oversized blazers or a wide-leg trouser; these are always options that are in style.

Skip the High Heels

This next variable is great news if you don’t love wearing stilettos. Flats, platforms, or a block heel are all great choices, but true Parisian style means trading in the stilettos for a more practical option.

Okay, now you’ve got the basics down. We’ve also compiled a list of some of our favorite looks and how you can achieve these looks as well, so keep reading if you’re ready to rock Parisian street style.

(image via harpers bazaar)

This outfit perfectly encapsulates Parisian street style; from the neutrals, to the tailored menswear, to the little pop of vintage in the headscarf, no Parisian stone is left unturned. Not to mention, the boots are both chic and practical to walk in.

You can easily transition this look into springtime fashion by ditching the button down oxford, and replacing it with a short-sleeved top. Simply opt for a more springtime shoe, such as a flat or sandal, and then go for a lighter neutral such as light tan or even olive pants instead of dark, neutral pants.

Get the look: Wilfred Paper Bag Pant, $148 (shop here) / Susana Monaco Twist Front Dolman Top, $158 (shop here) / Sarto Graydon Flat, $50 (shop here)


(image via about her)

One thing about Parisian style: a little black dress will never be out of style. As you can see, this far exceeds your basic LBD, although there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple, if that’s more your style. Pair your little black dress with some vintage sunnies, an ankle booty, and some pearls, and you’ll be looking oh-so chic.

The beauty about a little black dress is you can take it into any season. For springtime, we love a loose-fitting black dress with a strappy sandal, vintage sunnies, and a pearl statement earring.

Get the look: 100% Cotton Loose Dress, $74 (shop here) / Vacation Day Wrap Sandals, $78 (shop here) / Morgan Mesa Tortoise Sunglasses, $95 (shop here) / Pearl Floret Studs, $38 (shop here)


(image via harpers bazaar)

Another element of Parisian street style is that handbags are never super trendy. Instead, they are typically neutral and extremely versatile. This doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a bit of a statement shape, but the simpler, the better.

Get the look: Double Handle Structured Tote Bag, $93 (shop here) / STAUD Tan Moon Bag, $295 (shop here)


(image via fashion)

When in doubt, go with Chanel. Or something Chanel-esque. We love the idea of a Chanel-inspired sweater paired with a skirt that hits you just above the knee and a platform shoe. This outfit is simple, neutral, and tres chic.

Get the look: Striped Knit Sweater, $50 (shop here) / High-waist Longerline Pencil Skirt, $29 (shop here) / Mono Chunky Leather Loafers, $51 (shop here)


(image via lovika)

There are a million ways to style an oversized blazer, but going with a basic tee and some denim is our absolute favorite. To stay true to the Parisian style, don’t get too bold or bright with the blazer; a basic tweed, houndstooth, or herringbone is perfect.

Pair your blazer with a t-shirt, cropped denim, and a block heel to complete your look. If you want to add a little bit of color, do so with a post statement earring.

Get the look: The Oversized Blazer, $170 (shop here) / Liza High Rise Straight Cropped Jeans, $118 (shop here) / Irenee Black Leather, $85 (shop here)


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