Supporting Five Brands That Give Back

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There are so many ways to give back, including donating your time or money, or being a conscious consumer. We’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite charitable brands that give back to various non-profits! Frankly, we think a cute gift that helps others through a purchase is the ultimate win-win. Let’s get started!

Sevenly (Shop Here)

Sevenly sells advocacy art and apparel and allows you to choose which organization you can support. All of Sevenly’s products are 100% fair-trade. When the company began, they retailed cool graphic tees that supported a cause. Over the years, the company has been expanding its inventory, selling hoodies, tank tops, kids’ clothes, pet products, and even decorative products, including wall art and pillows. Sevenly has a unique approach to how they give back to their organizations and you can read all about it right here!

Prosperity Candle (Shop Here)

These candles smell great and look incredible. All Prosperity candles are made by women artisans and refugees in the United States. And, all of their candles are made without dyes and enhancers. Prosperity Candles is a company that is truly striving to make the world a better place by creating opportunities for women and using sustainable practices while keeping our homes a little fresher and a little cleaner. If you’re interested in reading Prosperity Candles full story, you can check that out here!

Amour Vert (Shop Here)

Amour Vert not only has the absolute most adorable pieces, but 97% of their products are made ethically in California, and all of their shipping material is sustainable! For every tee they sell, they plant a tree in North America. So far, Amour Vert has planted over 300,000 trees. Over 1,000 acres have been reforested. To see their sustainability, click here.

The Tote Project (Shop Here)

The Tote Project was founded by two best friends who wanted to make a difference. Their cause supports the recovery for victims of modern-day slavery and empowers survivors of human trafficking. Totes are made with eco-friendly cotton, and the artwork is printed with eco-friendly ink that reads: “hold onto hope that together we can end slavery.”

These tote bags are great for the farmer’s market, library, grocery shopping, you name it. To see their story, click here.

Ivory Ella (Shop Here)

Ivory Ella recognizes that the elephant population is at risk, so a portion of every purchase goes to their partner, Save the Elephant. Since 2015, over one million dollars have been donated! You can also support other causes through Ivory Ella, like the “Save the Bees” line that gives back to a Pollinator Partnership or shop the Ivory Ella Pet Shop that offers a portion of their profits to Hearts and Bones Rescue. And a major bonus, if you love tie-dye, there’s no question you’ll find something you can’t live without! To see their story, click here.

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