Master The Art Of The Fluffy Brow

Through the decades, there have been countless brow trends ––the 1930s ushered in theatrical brows, the 1950s were full and arched brows, and the 1980’s settled on thick and au natural. Many millennials are still restoring their brows to their pre-90s splendor before thin was in. The latest brow trend is natural, dewy, no-makeup-makeup look that you can build up with soap and draw on thin hair-like strokes to achieve a full, bushy brow––this look is known as the fluffy brow.

Many believe that fluffy brows are something only people with naturally thick eyebrows can achieve. However, anyone can work their way to a beautifully groomed brow that looks natural––experimenting and practicing will come in handy. Find what works best for you. For example, some people prefer brow gel over soap. We’re here to break down some amazing products that help create the ultimate fluffy brow.

The Tools


If you have been on TikTok lately, then you have probably heard of soap brows. Soap has been able to brush up brow hairs with ease and provide long-lasting hold. There are soap brow products that are made explicitly as cosmetic products to hold brows in place. There are also regular soap bars from the drugstore that work just as well. Look for glycerin in the ingredients when shopping for a standard bar of soap. Glycerin is colorless and won’t leave any residue behind. Soap also has a thicker consistency than brow gels, which is why they can have a longer hold.


WestBarnCon Soap Brows and Prep Mist ($26, shop here)

Pears Soap Gentle Care Transparent ($7, shop here)

Brow Gel/Pomades

The alternative to Soap is Brow Gel or a Pomade. What’s nice about brow gel is that you can use this product in multiple ways, and it’s available in different shades. Clear brow gel application is similar to soap application. It can build up the hair and provide long-lasting hold.

Then there is tinted brow gel. Tinted brow gel can give a tint to your brow hair, but you can also use it to fill in your brows. With a thin eyeliner brush, you can scoop up the gel on the brush and draw hair-like strokes.

Pomade can be used the same way as a tinted brow gel. The difference is that a pomade provides long-lasting hold and more intense pigmentation. Mix different colors to create a dimensional and natural look.


Nyx Cosmetic The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler ($8, shop here)

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Gel ($20, shop here)

Brow Pen

Brow Pens are easy to find these days and for a good reason. Similar to a felt tip eyeliner pen, brow pens make it easy to draw on precise thin hairs.Some people prefer a liquid product over a cream. Brow pens are beginner-friendly, and can make your brow routine fast, easy, and effective. They can also add depth with various shades and fill in any sparse areas in a flash.


Undone Beauty Flawlush Brow ($12, shop here)

Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain ($26, shop here)

Eyeliner Brush

A thin angled liner brush makes the most significant difference when doing your brows. It helps you get a precise application exactly where you need it. Perfect when working with gel and cream products.


Mac Cosmetics 208 Synthetic Angled Brow Brush ($21, shop here)

Morphe M160 ⅛ Angle Liner Brush ($5, shop here)


A spoolie is something everyone has in their makeup kits. It’s perfect for distributing soap to the brows and for combing hairs up or down. You can find spoolie anywhere from amazon or to Sephora.


Patrick Ta Major Brow Dual-Ended Brow Brush ($18, shop here)

300 Disposable Eyelash Mascara Applicator Wand Brush ($13.59, shop here)


The application doesn’t have to be intimidating, and once you get the chance to try it for yourself, you can adjust your routine according to personal preference.

Here’s how to start:

Shape & Brush up the Brows

If you chose to work with soap, spray a little water to the bar and pick up the product with a spoolie. Run the spoolie up through the brows to get your initial shape. For those using brow gel, use the brush to distribute the product evenly.

Fill in Sparse Areas

Take your brow pen, pomade, or gel and draw in tiny brow-like hair to areas that need a little extra oomph. This technique will also create the shape of brow you desire.

Set & Seal

Once the brows are drawn, take your soap or gel and apply one more thin coat of product to get the maximum hold. Once your brows are damp and tacky, take a brush or finger and gently press the hairs down to make sure they aren’t going anywhere.

Flaunt those Fluffy Brows

Now you are ready to show off those beautiful brows that were hassle-free to create. This process is fun, carefree, and customizable. Perfect for minimal makeup days.


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