2021 Gift Guide: For the Trendsetter

What will be the holiday trends of 2021? According to Lindsey Smecker, a trend forecaster with ESP Trendlab, people will be opting for sustainable yet basic gifts in styles that combine cozy with functional. Here are a few gifts that will help the trendiest people you know jump ahead of the curve!

Smart Sweets Build a Box ($45.78 for 14-pack; $91.56 for 28-pack, shop here)

These trendy treats have been popping up all over the internet. Unlike some of our long-time favorites, Smart Sweets’ cola gummies, peach rings, sweet fish, sour kids, licorice twists, and more are health-friendly, featuring all-natural ingredients and 92% less sugar than their classic counterparts. Select your quantities of each to build your own box of sweets.

18K Gold Plated “Fun Flirt” Pearl Necklace ($35.99, shop here)

Gen Z is back at it with the revival of old fashion trends. This time, they’ve got a grip on pearl strands and bright plastic jewelry! You can help your trendsetter combine these two hot looks with this necklace from ShopGeminiJewels on Etsy.

Crocs Classic Clogs ($49.99, shop here)

You either love them or love to hate them. Either way, the rubber shoe is back “in” again. The classic clog is great for anyone – from nurses who need plenty of support to fashion queens who can rock any shoe that’s in style. They come in more colors than we can count, so they’re perfect no matter the fashion sense. Try the popular yellow hues for the teens in your life and navy or black for dad.

Rivet Surrey Modern Ceramic Planter Pot ($68.49, shop here)

If there’s one home trend we feel confident will last beyond this season, it’s having an abundance of plants. This sleek planter will match anyone’s existing decor and give them plenty of space! Want to make the gift even better? Deliver it with a plant inside. We recommend a snake plant or a small tree.

Secura Electric Wine Opener (starting at $25.99, shop here)

With the popularity of wine subscription boxes, this is a gift your friends will not only need but also love to flaunt at every gathering. This sleek device opens even the most challenging bottles at the press of a button! It also comes complete with a foil cutter so that you can access the cork much more quickly.

Mejuri Metallic Sphere Bracelet ($140, shop here)

Simple gold bracelets are appearing on wrists everywhere! This simple yet elegant sphere bracelet matches any outfit, from business professional to streetwear casual to fancy cocktail party attire. It also comes in silver, if that’s more your giftee’s style.

Do you have any trendsetting gift ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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