Experiences to Gift in 2021

Want to give a gift that means more than a flashy gadget or store-bought item? Consider experiential presents! There are plenty of experience-based gifts that encourage memory-making. Here are some of our favorites.

Hunt A Killer Box (starting at $150, shop here)

Do you know someone obsessed with true crime? This year, gift them a break from their Investigation Discovery marathon by allowing them to solve a murder themselves! Each Hunt A Killer box set has a unique theme and is full of storylines, evidence, and ciphers that will leave players wondering. If they have what it takes, they’ll finish the game by hunting down the killer.

An Airbnb Experience (prices vary, shop here)

Airbnb is so much more than renting someone’s house for the weekend. The company now offers one-of-a-kind adventures led by local experts – like mole cooking classes or horse whispering lessons. Virtual experience options are available as well, including meditation with a monk and pasta-making lessons with an Italian grandmother.

Cameo Video Message (prices vary, shop here)

Do you know a superfan? If so, Cameo is exactly what you need! The app allows you to buy personalized video messages from hundreds of celebrities, from actors and musicians to professional athletes, politicians, and more. Curious about who’s on the platform? Snoop Dogg, Chris Harrison, Joe Montana, and Thomas the Tank Engine are just a few.

Northern Brewer Hard Seltzer Starter Kit ($69.99, shop here)

If you know someone who raves about their favorite White Claw and Truly flavors on the regular, this hard seltzer-making kit will be the ideal gift. With this gift, seltzer lovers can try their hand at crafting the perfect beverage – complete with fermenter and bottle labels!

Annual National Parks Pass ($80, shop here)

Nature enthusiasts will love this gift almost as much as they love the outdoors. For only $80, you can gift them unlimited access to over 2,000 recreation areas in the United States year-round. Just make sure to ask for pictures of all the scenery and wildlife they’ll encounter!

Do you have any experiential gift ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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