Hydrating Hair Masks To Quench Your Strands Before Summer

Dry hair is no fun, and it’s definitely not an ideal summer accessory. Yet, it can be so hard keeping up with your hair’s hydration needs, especially if you style or color your hair often. What’s a head of dry hair to do in a hydration emergency? Not to worry — if you need a hair mask that delivers a significant infusion of hydration to your dry hair, we’ve got a list of the best options for a quick recovery just in time for summer.

Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (Click Here) 

If you’re looking for some powerful hydration, this mask is the answer. It’s a supercharged blend of hydration helpers — sweet almond oil, argan oil, and rosehip oil. These oils get to work alongside the biotin in this formula to repair your dry strands by providing some much-needed moisture.

Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak (Click Here) 

You really can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s. Whether it’s skincare or hair, this brand delivers quality. The formula for this hair mask will wow you — sunflower and apricot oil alongside every hydrating vitamin you need. This hair mask almost sounds healthy enough to eat.

Hair Perfector No. 3 (Click Here) 

You didn’t think we would write a list of hydrating hair masks without including the famous Olaplex treatment, did you? This is the go-to hair hydration treatment for every professional; we’ve yet to encounter one criticism of this magic potion. It strengthens and protects hair, making it the perfect summer restorative hair mask.

Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque (Click Here) 

Hydrating hair masks can become expensive, but you still need to give your hair that extra love. Shea moisture always makes it easy to keep our hair taken care of, and to make sure our bank account is taken care of too. This hydrating mask blends manuka honey and mafura oil to create a buttery texture that fights frizz and infuses the hair shaft with much-needed moisture.

NaturAll Club Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner (Click Here) 

For curly and course-haired women, finding a hydrating mask that is up to the significant task of revitalizing your thick but dry hair is nothing short of a mission. Luckily this product is highly recommended by stylists for precisely those with a thicker hair type that needs moisture. The avocado offers intense hydration and crucial vitamin E to nourish dry strands.

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