Oxygen Facials – The Post Quarantine Skin Care Treatment We All Need

If you’re anything like me, you have already started an ongoing list of cosmetic and self-care treatments that you are going to get the second that quarantine is lifted. Three months of no access to any hair salons, mani-pedi’s, or facials has left us desperate to indulge in the best treatments that we can get our hands-on. There are so many amazing treatments out there nowadays, especially facial treatments, so how are we supposed to choose? Well, if you haven’t heard of Oxygen Facials, it is just the place to start. It’s amazing benefits and the soothing process will have you putting all your appointments on hold.

What is an Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen Facials, also known as  “The Red Carpet Facial” is pretty self-explanatory in the sense that it literally is a facial in which a machine applies oxygen on the skin giving you plumper, healthier-looking skin! The process is pretty much like any ordinary facial, where the esthetician will apply an assortment of serums, performs a facial massage, and the only difference is that they will apply concentrated cold oxygen onto your face, and it’s very relaxing.

What are the benefits of Oxygen Facials?

Oxygen Facials have so many amazing benefits that are going to convince you that this must be your post quarantine go-to skin treatment. The pressurized oxygen on your skin promotes blood circulation and collagen production on the skin, which helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The oxygen does not only help with lines, but it leaves your skin looking radiant, plump, and beautiful! The treatment is also extremely moisturizing – oxygen helps trap all the goodness from the serums that are applied during the facial and allow them to seep deep into your pores for maximum moisture! Oxygen is healing to the skin in the sense that it helps with wound healing and warding off harmful skin bacteria. Getting a facial that puts concentrated amounts of oxygen on your skin can really help with acne or skin scars by boosting the healing process.

How much are Oxygen Facials? Are they worth it?

This treatment typically ranges between $120-200 dollars, but it is worth every penny. The best part of Oxygen Facials is that they work on every skin type and do not have any negative side effects, so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin. This treatment is amazing on all skin types and will leave you with no signs of redness, swelling, or irritation. There is no recovery process for this skin treatment so you will walk out of the salon immediately feeling like a hundred bucks.

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