Keep Your Motivation Up With These At-Home Workout Tips

We think one of the hardest parts about working out is getting the motivation to get in the car and get yourself to the gym. Thankfully, At-Home workout programs have become increasingly popular in recent years with the rise of social media fitness influencers and have only skyrocketed since COVID-19 and the stay at home order. Not only do at home workouts give you privacy for your workouts, but you can also do whatever you need to do to make them fun! Here are some helpful tips for making at-home workouts fun but effective!

  1. Establish your workout spot

It’s important to create a space in your home that is equipped for working out. You want to make sure you have enough space, airflow, and light to give yourself the perfect workout environment!

  1. Find and stick to your power hour 

Everyone is different, some people wake up and are energized enough to work out and some people like to workout in the evenings as a way to wind down before bed. There is no right or wrong here, just do what makes you feel the best. If you’re not sure what times are best for you, try a few different times of the day. Once you find your best time, stick to that time every day that you workout, if you can.

  1. Fight distractions (and be a distraction)

It’s easy to get distracted at home especially when the bed is only a few feet away! So it’s important to fight all the distractions in your house that will keep you from working out. Don’t let yourself make excuses just because you are at home! Promise yourself you will only focus on the workout for the next 20/30/45 minutes.

Have fun with this! Add in a dance move here and there. Act silly – nobody in the class can see you. Be yourself and get the most out of your workout, both mentally and physically!

  1. Pick a Bomb Playlist

There’s nothing that can motivate you more than an amazing playlist filled with your favorite songs! Find make an amazing playlist that will have you doing burpees with a smile.

  1. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch! 

This is so important! When we go to the gym or a workout class, the instructors carve out specific exercises and time for warming up and stretching. It’s easy to forget to block out time for that when you’re at home and in control of everything, but it is crucial for our bodies to prepare for a workout and recover after.

  1. Make it to 20 

There’s no need to force yourself to workout at home for endless hours, just make sure to hit 20 minutes of physical activity every day! A little every day goes a long way.

  1. Write it in your to-do list! 

Make working out a priority by writing it in your daily to-do list. If you prioritize your workouts, it’s more likely that you will hold yourself accountable, and everyone loves the feeling of crossing things off your to-do list.

  1. Find a workout buddy

Having a friend to workout with, even if they aren’t physically with you during the workout is still really motivating. Find a friend with similar fitness goals and hold each other responsible for working out every day. Check-in with each other and motivate one another!

  1. Set goals! 

The key to achieving any fitness goals, whether at the gym or at home, is setting goals for yourself. Of course, it’s always important to set safe, attainable goals for yourself to keep yourself motivated.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I will print this out and let you know how they worked out for me.

    Thank you
    Christy Boyce

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