Ways to Kick Off a Workout Schedule Without Overdoing It

Whether you’re starting a workout routine from scratch or looking to return to one, getting started is often the hardest part. So how do you build consistency? These tips will help you kick off a new workout schedule – without overdoing it.

Ease Into It

When you’re first getting started with a new exercise routine, the best thing you can do is ease your way in. This will not only protect you from injury but also prevent exhaustion or, the worst – burnout. Slowly begin your regimen, whether that means a few workouts per week with break days in between or starting with timed, low-impact activities.

Rely on Rest Days

Rest days are essential to recovery, so while you may think you need to work out every day, pushing yourself beyond your current capabilities can lead to injuries and actually be counterproductive in your progress. Listen to your body: If you wake up with aches and pains, opt instead to stretch and give yourself time to recover. When you need a rest day, it’s not lazy to take it.

Set Goals

Before jumping back into the first workout sequence you come across, think about what you’re looking to do. Do you want to be more active? Are you looking for a form of stress relief? Do you want to build muscle or lose weight? Your needs are unique, so your exercise regimen should be just as personalized. So set goals for yourself, then adapt your workout routine accordingly.

Don’t Watch the Clock

If you start a workout you’re not ready for (like a 30-minute run), you can become fatigued or frustrated after a few minutes and either incorrectly complete the session or walk away entirely. It’s important that you pay attention to your body, not the clock. If you’re just getting started, a proper five-minute workout is much more beneficial than an improper 30 minutes. You’ll be able to level up as your body adjusts, so don’t force it.

Think About What You Like

One of the most important things when getting back into a workout schedule is to think about what you like. If you can’t stand ab workouts, starting with them is not the solution. Instead, give your body and mind what it wants. If you like to dance, try a Zumba class. If you want to build flexibility, rely on yoga. Define your interests. You are more likely to stick to an exercise routine that you actually enjoy.

Have you successfully started (or returned to) a workout schedule? Share your tips with us in the comments below!


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