The Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out Outdoors

Maybe you’ve been enjoying the outdoors for a while now, or perhaps you’re a Northeasterner just coming out of hibernation. Either way, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather. As many people are ditching their indoor routines and swapping them for an outdoor adventure, nothing goes with an outdoor sweat session like a great workout playlist!

So, grab your headphones, and you’re out the door. Well, what if you bring the dog and the wire tangles in the leash? What if the cord length doesn’t allow you to put your phone in your pocket? Or, maybe you hate that feeling of the cord hitting you with every step. Whatever the reason to dislike the wire from your headphones, it’s time to upgrade. Before you start shopping for the perfect pair, we did some research for you – thanks to our trusty friend, the internet! We’ve rounded up the best wireless headphones so you can upgrade your outdoor workout setup with confidence.

Apple: AirPods (click here)

We’ll start with the most well-known of the group. Overall, these seem to make the most people happy for basic headphone needs. The sound, battery life, and recharge time are all praised over thousands and thousands of reviews. The one complaint seen in the reviews is the fit. For some reason, one size does not fit all for these earbuds. If you can stop by your Apple retailer to give them a fit test before investing in the pricey earpieces. However, reviews also note that the fit issue seems to be a non-issue for the Pro model. Bonus: the Pro model features noise cancellation, which may be worth the price upgrade!

Google: Pixel Buds (click here)

True to form, Google offers an alternative to the Apple AirPods. The tech giants are always in competition to be the best, so why would earbuds be different? The Google Pixel Buds share a lot of the same notable qualities as the Apple AirPods, but it seems personalization and integration are their standout features. For starters, buyers can choose from four matte colors. While it’s important to note these headphones are not noise-canceling, they do feature Adaptive Sound. Essentially, as you move between noisy and quiet places, the volume adjusts to suit your surroundings. Oh, they also boast real-time translation, all day battery, hands-free voice commands, and you can make them ring if you misplace them.

Beats by Dr. Dre:  Powerbeats (click here)

Along with the positive qualities noted for the headphones above, Powerbeats seems to have the best reviews for fit. Several reviews stated these were great for running and didn’t fall out of their ears like other, similar styles. These earbuds boast a long battery life – up to 15 hours – and note that they’re sweat resistant. Most notably, they play well with Apple products! Powerbeats can pair with other Beats headphones² or AirPods to a single iPhone, allowing you to enjoy the same playlist or podcast if you’re working out with a friend.

Anker: Soundcore Liberty Neo (click here)

Price is something we all consider, and all of the above styles ring up at well over $100 – which is a lot for headphones. If you’re looking for a financially responsible alternative that still gets you a solid product, check out the buds from Anker. While the battery life on these buds is much shorter at about 3.5 hours from a single charge, the charging case adds around nine additional hours. Otherwise, these headphones seem to uphold the same high-quality standards as the above styles in terms of sound quality and liquid resistance, making them ideal for outdoor workouts.

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