What facial is right for you based on your skin type?

Proper skin care is established differently for everyone. Some people have dry, sensitive skin, whereas others have acne-prone skin. Since it’s hard to determine which treatment option is best, people tend to try out facials in the way they try on shoes. Some work well while other treatments may not be needed. To clear up some of the confusion, we are directing you to the best type of facial based on common skin types. We even matched some of the best spots for each type of facial.

Ultra-Hydration (Dry) 

Whether it’s seasonal dryness or all year long, it’s vital for skin to be replenished with nutrients and lock in moisture for as long as possible. Untreated dry skin could cause sensitivity or irritation. In some cases, it could even result in premature fine lines and wrinkles. A facial focusing on hydration will smooth the texture of skin, and moisturize and brighten for a healthier, youthful appearance.

For service: Buttercup Skin Care

Buttercup Skin Care is excellent at recommending their different facials for your skin type. They offer one facial exclusively for hydrating purposes, which is achieved by providing a customized mask that will revive skin and promote suppleness. Multiple locations are located throughout the city.

430 West 46 Street New York,  NY 10036

Acne-Fighting (Oily)  

Extra oily skin tends to be one of the leading causes of acne and clogged pores. Even if one doesn’t have problems specific to acne, this type of facial is perfect for deep-cleansing the skin and purifying it of any imperfections. By opting for this treatment, your skin will be free of excess dirt and oil and will be left with the refreshing feeling it deserves.

For service:  Silver Mirror Facial Bar

This hotspot specializes in their acne-fighting facials. Completed with the use of an LED light and an enrichment of vitamins, skin will be left feeling perfectly cleansed and refreshed. Guests will instantly see a difference in the appearance of their skin because it will look much more clear.

862 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10065

Customized (Combination) 

When people have a mixed combination of skin types, they will most likely need a facial treatment tailored to them. This will address any specific areas and combat certain problem causing spots that one certain facial won’t be able to accomplish. A customized facial will be the most beneficial because the aesthetician will have the opportunity to take a deeper look at your skin’s current needs.

For service: Pretty Please

Pretty Please offers a facial that is specific to your skin and the different fluctuations it endures throughout the year. The aestheticians use organic hand-made skin care products meant to replenish skin with antioxidants and address a variety of concerns such as redness or aging.

1133 Broadway #415, New York, NY 10010

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