Skip the Diet and Try These Micro-Habits

Weight loss is challenging, but despite popular belief, dieting is not the end-all-be-all solution. In fact, many healthcare professionals caution against diets since they are not realistic to maintain, and they can deprive your body of key nutrients. Instead, in addition to having a regular workout regimen, try implementing the following micro-habits, which can better help you achieve any weight-loss (and overall healthy living) goals.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a strong night’s sleep is essential to your health, but did you know it’s also pivotal in terms of weight loss? Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep at night; when you deprive your body of that rest, you are more likely to skip your workouts and make bad decisions about the foods you eat.

Listen to Your Body

Portion control is an important component of eating healthy, but just because you set aside a certain amount of food for dinner doesn’t mean you still need to eat all of it. Instead, be mindful of your body’s hunger/fullness cues. Fun fact – the first time you put your fork down is your brain telling you that your stomach is satisfied!


So you’re one of those people that can’t stop moving? Whether you tap your foot constantly, sway while standing, or continuously tap a pen against your desk, fidgeting has miraculously been linked to weight loss – no joke. Studies have shown that individuals who fidget throughout the day burn 10 times the amount of calories as those who don’t. The idea is that you’re constantly moving your body, which can combat inactivity on a regular basis.

Don’t Watch TV While You Eat

Think about when you are watching TV. Does your mind wander? Are you fully present? People who eat in front of the television are often distracted, which leads them to make unhealthy eating choices, and consuming more calories than you would normally. So, when in doubt, turn off the TV.

Work Out in the Morning

We’ll begin this with an important caveat: Workouts should be conducted according to your schedule. With that said, there are numerous benefits to working out in the morning. Not only can it burn more calories, but it can also propel you forward with an active metabolism, giving you more energy throughout your day and a stronger desire to stick to healthy eating plans.

While these micro-habits aren’t a complete substitute for healthy eating and exercise, they can help with your weight-loss goals – no crash diet required.

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