The Convenience of Hot-Air Brushes

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, can we agree that there’s nothing like a good blowout? But going to the salon or a blowdry bar on the regular can hurt your wallet. Enter hot-air brushes, which can help get you that perfect blowout look at home. Here, we discuss a few of our favorite hot-air brushes and some of the benefits of using these brushes over flat irons to style your hair.

How Do Hot-Air Brushes Work?

Hot-air brushes are hair-drying tools that either straighten or curl – they feature heated plates and bristles that dry your hair while styling it. Most hot-air brushes have ceramic and ionic technology such as tourmaline infusion, which adds shine, counteracts static to reduce frizz, and protects hair from damage. They have bristles made of nylon, silicone, and ceramic designed to glide gently through your hair, and they come in different barrel sizes, bristle lengths, and presets.

Barrel Size Matters

The width of the barrel determines how much curl you will achieve. The thinner the barrel, the more curl. Thin barrels are also better for short hair.

Benefits of Hot-Air Brushes

They Are Gentle: Unlike flat irons, which apply intense heat straight onto your hair via hot plates, hot-air brushes only give off only enough heat to dry your hair while also straightening or curling it.

Budget-Friendly: Hot-air brushes are available at many different price points, but even the most expensive ones give you your money’s worth.

User-Friendly:You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the idea of doing your hair. Most hot-air brushes are designed with presets to make our lives easier. We promise you that it will be a dream to use.

Our Hot-Air Brush Picks:

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer ($60, shop here)

Hot Tools 24K Gold Charcoal-Infused One-Step Blowout ($74.99, shop here)

Drybar Double Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush ($150, shop here)

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