How to Make Friends As An Adult

One of the best parts about college is being constantly surrounded by friends. There are group projects, campus events, parties, and so many more opportunities for socializing. After graduation, though, everything seems to change in the blink of an eye. You get a job, more than likely move away from your college town, and are thrown into a new world where you are likely spending a lot more time on your own.

As life starts to get busy and everyone takes their own path, it’s important to remember that friendships are an essential and beautiful part of life. Great friendships will last, but sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t spend as much time together as you’d like. Investing your energy in old friendships is important, but it is just as important to put yourself out there to meet new people. Making friends as an adult is hard, but it is something that can only enrich your life.

There is no manual or step-by-step guide to teach you how to make friends as an adult, but here are a few tips you can try out to put yourself in friend-making situations!

Be Open

The most difficult thing about making friends as an adult is opening your mind to the possibility of new people. Whether it be fear of rejection, insecurities, or social anxiety, it’s important to fight those feelings and don’t overthink the possibility of new friends!

Try New Things

One of the best ways to meet people is by getting out there in the world and trying new things! Sign up for a workout or art class, take your dog to the dog park, take your work to an outdoor coffee shop—you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to make a friend.

Make Plans & Follow Through With Them

We’ve all ended a conversation with a new person by making non-specific plans to hang out again, but all too often, neither person seems to follow up. Be specific, put a time and date in your calendar, and follow up!

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media platforms are an amazing way to connect with those around you and put yourself out there. Whether that’s through friend matching apps, dating apps, or even Instagram, there are platforms for you to foster relationships online that can turn into real friendships.

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