Great Hair Hacks Post Working out

Nothing makes for a perfect start to the day like getting your workout out of the way bright and early. The only downside is working yourself into a complete sweaty mess with an entire day ahead of you. You simply can’t rely on the quality of showers and hair-care products at the gym. It’s going to require a bit of effort to get perfect post-workout hair, but who says you can’t get a morning workout in and still have a good hair day?

You don’t need to shampoo your hair every time you sweat

It may come as a surprise, but you don’t have to shampoo every time you sweat. Shampooing too frequently can strip your scalp, causing it to dry out and produce more oil to compensate.

Hair pre-care is important

If you are working out frequently, taking extra care of your hair is crucial. When you do shampoo, find a good revitalizing shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hair stays healthy. Weekly hair masks can also be a great way to keep your hair strong.

Use a good detangler

A good detangler can go a long way when you need to style (and spruce up) sweaty hair. Spritz on detangler and use a wide toothbrush to comb out your hair.

Dry shampoo is your best friend

To minimize excess oil after a workout, spray some dry shampoo on your roots. Dry shampoo is pretty much the holy grail for all things hair, so having a good dry shampoo on hand is essential for post-workout hair. Not only is it a lifesaver after a workout, but it’s also good to spray a little around your hairline before-hand to help soak up some of the sweat.

Make sure you are using the right hair ties, and tie your hair back

To avoid creases in your hair after a workout, try tying your hair back with ties that are actually gentle on the hair. Spiral, silk, and ribbon hair ties tend not to damage or dent hair. Get your hair off your shoulders and neck by tying your hair back in a bun or loose ponytail. If you want to go for a more beachy wave look post-workout, you can also put your hair in a braid and wrap it into a bun.

Give it a quick blow-dry

Sometimes hair can get a little flat after you sweat. If you want to give your hair a little more volume after the gym, give it a quick low heat blow-dry after you have followed these steps.

Try an updo

If you are in a rush and don’t have the time to tend to your hair, you can always slick back your hair in a high bun or ponytail, and tie a scarf around your ponytail for added polish. Or make use of a super trendy headband!

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