How to Get the Best Selfie

Almost everyone takes selfies – even if they don’t want to admit it! It is practically a requirement for social media nowadays. And you don’t want to be that person with a weird angle who looks nothing like their photo – you want a flattering shot that looks like you!

Taking selfies isn’t something that always comes naturally. So, next time you need to get that killer shot, try these tips and tricks to look your best.


Tilt your head or your phone. Straight-on angles are for your driver’s license, not a selfie. Just a slight angle can give your face the perfect shape.

Just remember: You want your photo to be realistic. Holding the camera a foot above your head and looking up is too much. Just raise the camera a few inches and tilt your head slightly to catch the light just right.

Smile With Your Eyes

Smiling is always the best look. A serious face might seem sexy, but selfies tend to get more likes when a person looks happy.

Instead of showing all your teeth, smile with your eyes. That is the first place people will look. And if your eyes fall flat, the whole picture can too.

Smile Softly

Remember that massive smile from your yearbook photo? Yeah, we don’t want that. In a selfie, you want to look soft, not intense. You want to be happy and cheerful but not over the top. Save those for candid shots.

Choose Natural Lighting

Sunlight will always be the most flattering lighting, so be sure to take your selfie in front of a window or outside. A sunset will offer that special golden glow, but even midday, you can get some beautiful shots.

Natural lighting is a lot less harsh than something artificial. Even ring lights, which were designed for selfies, can look fake and warped. Sure, the flash is helpful at night, but if the sun is out, take advantage of it.

Avoid Shadows

Shadows can make for some artsy shots, but as a general rule, selfies should be well-lit.

Pick a Good Background

Check your background. Yes, your face is the focus of a selfie, but the background is also visible. Instead of your unmade bed or cluttered bathroom, make sure your background is neat and simple. You don’t want a mess to distract from you, the main feature.

Have Choices

Don’t just take one selfie. Take multiple photos so you have some options. Do some from one angle, then switch it up. Smile with and without teeth. Try different backgrounds. This will help you get an idea of what you prefer.

Don’t Over-Edit

Over-editing is the biggest mistake people make when taking and posting selfies. You do not need to over-edit your photo. You can enhance colors and make the photo brighter, but blurring your skin, changing the shape of your face, or altering your eye color is unnecessary and obvious.

No one has flawless skin in real life. Bring out your natural beauty with the lighting and angles. You don’t need to edit yourself to look fantastic and feel confident in a selfie.

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