How to Stop Razor Bumps for Good

Razor bumps are the worst. You go through the effort of shaving to achieve smooth skin, and then, BAM! You get these angry red dots all over.

Razor bumps are sore, sometimes itchy, and can show up anywhere: in your armpits, on your legs, and – worst of all – on your bikini line.

So, how can you get the smooth, soft skin of your dreams and never deal with razor bumps again? Keep reading.

Use a Safety Razor

Using an old-fashioned safety razor may require some practice, but it is so worth it. This type of razor has one blade instead of the four, five, or even six blades that most modern razors do. Multiple blades can over-irritate the skin and lead to razor burn and bumps.

The single blade of a safety razor stays sharp, offers a closer shave, and is much gentle on the skin. Remember, a safety razor probably won’t have the soft cushion or moveable head that you’re used to, so you may cut yourself at first. Just take it slow, and you’ll forget you ever had those horrendous razor bumps.

Soften Your Skin

Shaving in the bath or shower is the way to go. The warm water and steam help soften your skin and hair, making it easier to shave. Also, be sure to use a moisturizing shave cream or body wash to coat and protect your skin. You want to remove your hair, not your skin.

Use Hydrocortisone Cream

If you notice those nasty red bumps, try using an anti-inflammatory like hydrocortisone cream, which helps calm the skin and reduces redness and irritation in a pinch. Note: You don’t want to use hydrocortisone cream too frequently because it can thin your skin with continued use.


Keeping your skin moisturized with a fragrance-free lotion is critical. Any fragrance, even natural ones, can further irritate your skin. Keep it gentle, but load up. The more moisture, the better.

Shave With the Hair Growth

You may have been taught to shave against the hair growth, but this technique can actually irritate your skin because it pulls the hair away in a bothersome manner. Shaving with the hair growth may require an extra pass to get just as close of a shave, but your smooth and razor bump-free skin will thank you.


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