Five Ways to Ease Caffeine Withdrawal

If you reach for your coffee maker the moment you wake up – and again and again multiple times throughout the day – it may be time to cut back on your caffeine consumption. After all, caffeine has been linked to poor sleep, stomach issues, rapid heartbeat, and other, more serious health problems. But because caffeine is a stimulant and withdrawal symptoms like headaches, irritability, and nausea are common, it’s better to decrease your consumption gradually rather than quit cold turkey. Here are some tips to ease the caffeine withdrawal process.

Decrease Consumption

When you decide to decrease or eliminate caffeine usage, try gradually reducing your daily consumption. For example, start by cutting back on 25% of your coffee. Then, after three days, cut down another 25%. Continue this process until you are no longer consuming coffee.

Choose Alternatives With Less Caffeine

Another method of decreasing your caffeine consumption is to choose less-caffeinated alternatives vs your usual beverage. For instance, instead of reaching for that energy drink with 250 mg of caffeine, you might choose a cup of coffee or another drink that only has 100 mg of caffeine. Or, better yet, try green tea, which has significantly less caffeine than many of its counterparts.

Try Decaf

If you genuinely enjoy the flavor of coffee or another go-to caffeinated beverage, try switching to decaf. This way, you’re still getting the flavor you crave but without the added caffeine.

Brew Shorter

If you are a tea drinker, brew your tea for a shorter period of time; you may be able to decrease the amount of caffeine in your tea.

Check Your Medication

You may be consuming caffeine without even realizing it. Some over-the-counter medicines, including certain headache and menstrual pain relievers, have added caffeine. Be sure to check the labels if you are trying to cut back on caffeine consumption.

What are some tips you have to ease caffeine withdrawal? Share with us in the comments below!

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