Cliché Halloween Costumes To Avoid This Year

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and you know what that means? Party time! It almost goes without saying that adults enjoy Halloween just as much as kids do. From office parties to house parties, this is a prime time for the adults to come out and play. While there’s nothing wrong with you having lots of fun, there are some costume don’ts to remember this year. What kind of don’ts? Well, let’s just say there are a few tired, old costumes, cliché costumes you should pass up this year. Take a look at the list now!

Sexy Nurse: If you were planning to be a sexy nurse this year…don’t. Anything with “sexy” in it is a little too cliché and overdone.

Pumpkin: Orange might be your color, but that doesn’t mean come dressed as a pumpkin. Leave that for kids.

Black Cat: One of the least creative costumes is the black cat costume. It seems like just a reason wear a ton of black eye makeup and tight leather.

The Witch & the Devil: Neither are scary, please move on.

Dracula: Yes, Dracula may have some mysteriousness to him, but he’s been done millions of times before. Skip him this year!

Mime: Nothing says boring like a mime. What are you going to do? Show them how you can make chair or a box?

The Skeleton: This costume maybe an easy go-to for someone like a tall guy, but you might as well be organs instead.

By all means, have an awesome time this Halloween. But if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. Be creative and free-spirited with your costume!

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