Drastic Short Haircuts and Dramatic Color for Your New Attitude

Two celebrities are rocketing the year’s freshest hairstyle to the next level by pairing drastic short cuts with rosy pink color. The ultimate 2021 hair inspiration emerges with Cardi B’s recent pastel-pink pixie at the Grammys and Demi Lovato’s drastic, edgy cut. The look is a winner for anyone who wants a fresh haircut to match a new attitude.

Let’s start with the brand-new “shift” cut. It’s so fresh that few will recognize it as a next-gen evolution of the “disconnected” haircut trend.

Look for more layered and disconnected short haircuts moving into the spring and summer months. Pros are predicting this unanticipated hair trend will be the next big thing once warmer temps start to heat up. A disconnected trim is the opposite of a one-length cut; the top lengths are much longer than the cut out underneath. “Disconnected” is the modern take on the undercut. Visualize a reverse mullet, and you’ve got it.

(The mullet has been enjoying a huge resurgence lately, thanks to celebs such as Miley Cyrus. Hair stylists are saying the new mullet will be no longer than shoulder-length. If you want to add some edge to your bob instead of cutting it all off, the mullet might be right for you.)

The Shift Cut Relies on Less Structure

The “shift” hairstyle resembles the “disconnected” haircut trend but is characterized by less structure. The signature of the shift shows choppy layers of varying lengths on top of the head. The cut works with all hair textures and types. Depending on your mood, the versatile shift can be styled in options from sophisticated to edgy and from polished to raw. This cut is easily tailored and customized to match your individual personality.

The “shift” is part of the continuing move toward shorter lengths with softer edges and more movement. Look to its cousin, the pixie, as another cut that’s expected to crop up everywhere this year. Hair stylists are taking their cues from Mia Farrow’s classic pixie and interpreting today’s cut as a nod to the ‘60s.

Bold Color, Super Short Cut, Equal Drama

If you want to take the plunge into all-out drama, nothing’s more drastic than a super short cut and bold hair color. Pastel pink was a wildly popular shade among many who dyed their hair last year, and is still a favorite of celebrities in 2021.

Short hair is increasingly popular among women looking for stress-free styles that are both easy and low maintenance. It’s a great time to take the creative plunge if you’re ready to experiment. Maintenance is key with a short cut, so you’ll need to see your stylist routinely to keep it in shape. Short styles require regular trims, even if you decide to let them grow out.


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